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Build tech teams with the skills to improve your patient and customer experiences, solve operational challenges—and cement your position as a provider of choice.

We'll cover your tech teams
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Triage and treat your tech teams

Whether you’re automating administrative tasks or business processes with AI, ensuring constant system uptime, or streamlining patient record systems, you need teams capable of delivering on your key priorities. Use our healthcare and life sciences technology solutions to build the teams you need from the talent you have.

Upskilling and reskilling for healthcare and life sciences

You need more than a content library to throw at your tech teams. You need a partner who helps you assess where your teams are and gives them personalized learning experiences with measurement that you can coach to and celebrate. With Pluralsight, you’ll build skilled tech teams who solve operational challenges, secure data, keep services online, and ensure your patients are cared for.

upskill and reskill
cloud transformation

Cloud transformation

Moving to the cloud is clearly the right move if you’re looking to streamline patient care, secure data sharing, and improve record keeping. But taking on a complex cloud transformation can be intimidating. We help your org move to the cloud by moving your people to the cloud first. Build a team skilled enough to take you from legacy systems all the way to the cloud with immersive learning experiences rich with expert-built courses and hands-on learning-by-doing.

Tech fluency

As the healthcare and life sciences industries continue to become more tech-first, even your non-tech employees will have critical touchpoints with technology. Enable everyone in your organization to talk tech so they can better leverage that technology, communicate about it with patients and customers, and collaborate across teams.

tech fluency

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