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This is your chance to make the most of Linux. Whether you recently typed “What is Linux?” into your search history or currently lead teams of IT professionals that have been building on this beloved operating system for years, A Cloud Guru has certification courses and hands-on learning exercises that can take your skills to the next level.

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Why learn Linux with ACG?

We believe people learn best by doing. That’s why starting with engaging video lessons led by Linux pros to teach you core concepts is just that — a start. From there, A Cloud Guru puts you in the Linux learning driver’s seat with interactive labs set in real, live environments.See for yourself how this learn-by-doing approach reinforces concepts from Linux classes, helps you retain information better, and gives you valuable experience building (and breaking) things in the cloud, so you can easily bring Linux training into your day-to-day work.

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Find the right Linux course

Serious question: What would you like to learn? We ask because, on A Cloud Guru, we’ve got Linux online courses that cover everything from learning what Linux is (the little kernel that could!) to seasoned pro certification needs (how are your HAProxy monitoring techniques?). Go ahead and prep for your Linux system administrator certification, learn LPI Linux essentials, take on database administration, and more. The right courses, video lessons, Hands-on Labs are just a click away.

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Try Hands-on Labs for Linux

Whether you’re adding to your personal Linux skills or trying to upskill others at your company, there’s no substitute for doing when it comes to Linux learning. Knowing this, A Cloud Guru has developed Linux Hands-on Labs you won’t find anywhere else. Think of them like your own cloud VR where you can fire up real-world (aka, really-in-demand) scenarios to apply and build skills in a real cloud environment. Use Hands-on Labs right in line with course learning, or turn to them for on-demand Linux tutorials when you need to get unstuck in a work project. With Linux labs and exercises covering all different facets of real-world applications, A Cloud Guru lets you and your teams learn the exact skills needed, exactly when you need them.

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Lean into a Linux Learning Path

Linux practically powers the cloud, so there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to Linux certification paths. That’s where Learning Paths from A Cloud Guru come in. These tailored collections of courses, videos, labs, and more have been carefully designed by our in-house cloud experts to provide you with the best Linux learning roadmap. Once you’ve browsed the available Learning Paths, simply lean into the best ones for taking you from novice to guru in the areas you’re most interested in.

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Prepare for your Linux certification exams

It’s natural to seek out certifications along your Linux learning journey, so ACG allows you to put your knowledge to the test and try free Linux practice exams online. Designed to mimic actual exam conditions, our Practice Exams ease you into the types of questions you’ll face and give you detailed results, allowing you to flag specific topics for additional review. Try a Linux essentials practice exam, advanced certification practice and more.

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What’s the best way to start learning Linux? Why should you learn Linux in the first place? Get answers to these and other frequently asked questions below.


What is Linux?

Put simply, Linux is an operating system — sort of like Mac OS and Windows. You might be surprised to find out it’s one of the most-used operating systems out there, thanks in part to it being open source, easily available, and contributed to by a large community of hobbyists and professionals alike.

You might hear us talk about “the little kernel that could” when referring to Linux. The base kernel for the OS is what the Linux community contributes to, allowing it to be debugged and useful for applications on everything from smartphones to high-end supercomputers.

Why learn Linux?

Being open source and free to access aren’t the only reasons people recommend Linux. Linux is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to cloud learning and cloud applications. When you hear about the Internet of Things (IoT) or optimizing the software that servers use, that usually involves the use of Linux. Becoming familiar — if not certified — in the basics and beyond with Linux can help your career or your company’s cloud capabilities immensely.

What’s the best Linux training for beginners? Are there free Linux courses or training available?

Linux practically powers the cloud, so there are many practical applications for it — and thus an avalanche of info to wade through alone. That’s why A Cloud Guru offers a variety of hands-on training options for Linux as part of its learning library as well as tailored Learning Paths and practice exams for certifications. The LPI Linux Essentials Certification is one place to start, as well as learning about database administration and SQL basics.

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Keep up with the latest Linux news

What’s new in the Linux community? The ACG blog is a great place to read up on the new and notable, go deep on nuanced topics, and get tips and insights from leading Linux experts.


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