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CompTIA Linux+: Troubleshooting

When it has all gone wrong, a cool head will help you quickly resolve the issues. This course will teach you how to understand and speedily resolve issues in Linux servers.

Andrew Mallett - Pluralsight course - CompTIA Linux+: Troubleshooting
by Andrew Mallett

What you'll learn

Sometimes IT does not work the way it should and you are going to have to fix it. In this course, CompTIA Linux+: Troubleshooting, you’ll learn to evaluate the current situation and resolve how best to correct issues. First, you’ll explore networking issues and how there are a wealth of hidden tolls available to you. Next, you’ll discover process issues and memory bottlenecks, even creating your own zombie processes. Finally, you’ll learn how to take control of systems to really interrogate the system. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Linux troubleshooting needed to successfully troubleshoot and mitigate issues on your systems. **Recommended order of completion:** * Introduction to the CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-005) Certification * CompTIA Linux+: System Management * CompTIA Linux+: Security * CompTIA Linux+: Scripting, Containers, and Automation * CompTIA Linux+: Troubleshooting

Table of contents

About the author

Andrew Mallett - Pluralsight course - CompTIA Linux+: Troubleshooting
Andrew Mallett

Andrew is a committed evangelist of the Linux Operating System and the concept of community and freedom that it provides. He has worked as a technical trainer since 1995 and has taught throughout the world, including Australia, the US, Germany and Eastern Europe. Andrew started teaching Linux in 2004 when Novell acquired SUSE and has been a long time supporter of Novell and provides SYSOP support the the Certifed Novell Instructor community on Linux. Andrew founded theurbanpenguin and has been submitting video training material to his YouTube channel since 2009 and currently has over 8,500 subscribers and 1.6 Million views. Andrew has had two publications with Packt: Citrix Access Gateway VPX Essentials (2012) and Citrix XenApp (2013).

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