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Transition your skill development from one device to the next, picking up at the same clip you left off through the Pluralsight Skills app.

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Desktop for offline viewing

Download content to watch offline when WIFI is out of reach or bandwidth issues arise.

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Practice what you're learning as you learn it by streaming content to your TV and programming along on your computer.

What’s new?

Put your skills to the test

It’s time to prove that you’re a tech skills guru with ‘Stack up’, Pluralsight's first in-app game.

Make skill-building more fun by testing your knowledge on some of the most popular technologies, languages and frameworks. Start by selecting the topics of your choice and compete against thousands of other Pluralsight users to see who can answer the most questions correctly in a row.

put your tech skills to the test
rule the leaderboard

Rule the leaderboard

With weekly and all-time leaderboards, you can challenge yourself and see how you stack up with other Pluralsight users as you rise in the rankings.

Validate your skills

Validate your skills

Get opportunities to review key concepts and gain a better understanding of subjects—so you can close skill gaps and further your career.

Identify skill gaps

Identify skill gaps

Establish where you stand on a specific skill’s learning path and see a clear trajectory to the proficiency you need.

Build better skills

Role IQ

Speed up success by discovering the skills gaps holding you back and what you need to work on to reach role mastery.

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