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Build your Kubernetes skills with our ever-expanding, constantly-updated library of Kubernetes and containerization training and courses. Whether you’re just finding your footing and figuring out what Kubernetes (or K8s as the cool kids call it) even is, or looking to go deep into advanced containerization topics, we’ve got you covered.

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Why learn Kubernetes with ACG?

We believe people learn best by doing. Our courses use engaging video lessons led by seasoned cloud pros to teach you core concepts, then put you in the cloud driver’s seat with interactive labs set in real, live cloud environments where you can build hands-on experience with EKS, AKS, and AKE. This learn-by-doing approach reinforces concepts, helps you retain information better, and gives you valuable experience building and breaking things in the cloud, so you’re better prepared to bring your new skills to bear in your day-to-day work.

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What would you like to learn? At A Cloud Guru, we’ve got courses for everyone from newcomers to seasoned cloud pros, covering a huge range of Kubernetes topics. Prep for your Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist, or other certification exam, get an intro to Kubernetes and containers, learn how to use third party services like Terraform, OpenShift, and Prometheus, and much, much more. A Cloud Guru courses combine engaging video lessons with interactive Hands-on Labs that drop you into real-world scenarios where you can learn by doing in real cloud environments.

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Get hands-on with a Kubernetes lab

When it comes to learning, there’s no substitute for doing. Whether piloting a massive container ship, herding sheep, or building in the cloud, nothing beats hands-on experience. That’s where our Kubernetes Hands-on Labs come in. Fire up real-world scenarios and build skills in real cloud environments. Work through labs as part of a course, or use them as on-demand K8s tutorials when you need to skill up for a work project. With hundreds of labs covering all different facets of Kubernetes and containerization, A Cloud Guru lets you search and learn the exact skills you need, exactly when you need them.

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Why should you learn Kubernetes? Get answers to several frequently asked questions below.


What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for managing containers. So…what are containers? Containers are basically a piece of software plus all the stuff it needs to run, all gathered up in a lightweight package. Containers support “microservices” by breaking larger applications up into smaller, more manageable bits. With this modular approach, containers let DevOps teams divide and conquer, shrinking development and testing times.

A Cloud Guru offers a comprehensive, hands-on Google Cloud Platform training library covering top-paying certifications and deep dives into the most in-demand GCP skills. New to Google Cloud? Get a broad overview of GCP concepts through our Crash Course on Google Cloud Platform and Intro to Google Cloud courses. Ready to prep for your certifications? We recommend starting with Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) before moving up to the more advanced certs like Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect or Professional Cloud Security Engineer. And of course, build advanced skills with our deep dives into the cutting edge of GCP technologies. Go down the rabbit hole on GCP AI services, become a GKE wizard, learn the ins and outs of Google Cloud Run, and much more.

Our courses combine engaging video components to help you learn core concepts, as well as Hands-on Labs that let you get your hands cloudy and build experience working with real Google Cloud environments. And with standalone Hands-on Labs, Google Cloud sandboxes, practice exams, and support from like-minded GCP learners via our community forums and Discord server, ACG can help you become a GCP VIP.

What’s the best Kubernetes training for beginners?

If you’re an absolute newcomer to Kubernetes and containers, our Introduction to Kubernetes course is a great place to start. It’ll get you grounded in the core concepts involved, and prepare you to advance to next level of courses, including Kubernetes Essentials and Kubernetes Quick Start.

If you’re new to the cloud, your path to GCP certification begins with the foundational-level Cloud Digital Leader certification, which requires no tech experience. If you have some cloud experience, you can start with the Associate Cloud Engineer to pick up the basics of GCP.

Then explore skills that align with your career goals. Interested in AI? Take a deep dive into Google Cloud AI services. Want to strengthen your security chops? Study up on the essentials of Google Cloud security. As your skills grow, take aim at one of the professional-level GCP certifications, like the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer or the popular Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.

If you want to build skills in specialized areas such as security, data, or DevOps, you might want to check out our Google Cloud Learning Paths, which take the guesswork out of taking your skills from novice to guru.

Who should learn Kubernetes?

Anybody working in DevOps or managing containers in the cloud would benefit from learning Kubernetes.

Is there free Kubernetes training available?

Yes, there are a number of free Kubernetes training options available, from KubeAcademy  to YouTube. A Cloud Guru Kubernetes courses are also regularly available as part of our rotating selection of courses for learners on our free plan.

If there are free training options, why should you join A Cloud Guru to learn K8s? The quality and quantity of courses, for starters. Our courses are created in-house by accomplished cloud experts, ensuring a consistent and engaging learning experience. Our courses also integrate seamless hands-on learning so that you’re actually doing the stuff you’re learning, which helps you retain more of what you’re learning and get comfortable with the technology faster.

What prerequisites do I need to learn Kubernetes?

You don’t need any prerequisites to learn Kubernetes, but a working knowledge of cloud concepts is certainly helpful.

Set sail with our Kubernetes blog

Trying to keep up with the latest in Kubernetes and containers? The ACG blog is a great place to read up on the new and notable, go deep on nuanced topics, and get tips and insights from leading DevOps experts.


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