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Cloud rules everything around us. Whether you’re browsing job boards today or drafting your organization’s five-year tech strategy, you’re going to run into cloud needs. That makes digital cloud training more important for individuals and tech teams than it’s ever been before, and that’s why everyone could use A Cloud Guru.

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Some people have “What is the Cloud?” in their search history. Some people have their head in their hands as they try to figure out how to update their organization’s infrastructure without enough cloud engineers on staff. For all of these people and more, there’s A Cloud Guru’s learn-by-doing approach to mastering cloud computing and developing enterprise cloud-ready tech talent. ACG allows you or your teams to go hands-on with interactive, live-environment learning labs and certification preparation using a suite of features you won’t find anywhere else. It’s an approach that’s worked for millions to learn cloud computing and cloud management quickly and easily.

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Need some know-how when it comes to cloud data management? How about machine learning? Maybe you’re out to optimize your organization’s cloud cost management or upskill your tech talent with a ton of cloud architect certifications. Whatever your cloud problems, your cloud solutions start with the courses, videos, and Hands-on Labs found on A Cloud Guru. Anyone can stare blankly at a screen and try (painfully) to learn something; A Cloud Guru’s courses and certification prep are designed and edited in-house by cloud experts to keep you and your teams engaged and on the path to conquering cloud goals quickly.

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Get your hands cloudy with Hands-on Labs

When it comes to complicated cloud project management or enterprise-level cloud security, are you going to trust things to a few instructional videos? You can’t pluck cloud native software development from a series of instructional slides. You and your teams need to learn by doing, to get your hands cloudy when it comes to developing cloud skills. That’s why A Cloud Guru developed Hands-on Labs that provide real, hands-on experience with the cloud development techniques you’ll need to succeed. Try them in-line with cloud learning courses or pull them up for easy access to on-the-job learning. Hands-on Labs allow you and your teams to gain the exact skills needed exactly when you need them.

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Put yourself on the right cloud Learning Path

Put yourself on an incredible career path with cloud architect certification. Put your teams on the path to upskilling and becoming the cloud developers of your dreams. It all starts with Learning Paths from A Cloud Guru. These custom collections of courses, videos, Hands-on Labs and more have been put together by our in-house experts to meet your needs, and they can even be tailored to your team’s specific goals when it comes to cloud learning or certifications. Browse ACG’s Learning Paths now to see for yourself.

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What’s the point of getting an AWS certification? Why should you learn AWS? Get answers to several frequently asked questions below.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a means of delivering computer systems and their computing power on demand from “cloud” locations or data centers hosted elsewhere rather than a hard drive or server farm you host and manage yourself on premise. Organizations of all sizes use cloud computing for everything from data storage and backup to scaling up the computing power needed for customer-facing applications and more.

Where do I start learning cloud computing?

There are many learning resources available when it comes to cloud computing. Generally, you’ll want to start with courses or materials that familiarize you with the terminology of the industry, introduce you to multiple learning paths within cloud computing, and maintain an up-to-date library of knowledge, as cloud computing is a topic that is evolving rapidly.

A Cloud Guru has helped over two million learners start their cloud learning journey. You can try a free trial of ACG anytime to help you get started today.

What prerequisites do I need to learn cloud computing?

To understand or master aspects of cloud learning, eventually you will need programming skills, a familiarity with various operating systems and database structures, and at least a basic understanding of concepts like networking or cybersecurity.

Don’t let a lack of familiarity with these hold you back if you’re interested in cloud computing, however. A Cloud Guru’s comprehensive courses and hands-on learning tools help even the most inexperienced novices with introductory-level topics as they start their learning journeys.

What career paths are available in cloud computing?

With the right know-how, cloud computing skills, and often even certifications, you’ll find a wide array of career paths suddenly open up in front of you.

Many organizations — having just started their cloud migration or invested in improving their products and experiences with the cloud — look for cloud architects, cloud administrators, or full-time software engineers and security analysts for their cloud teams. 

Choose the career path that’s right for you by gauging employer needs with your own interests. A Cloud Guru can help you get started — our platform offers IT and Cloud Career Learning Paths to help you along the way.

Is there free cloud training available?

Yes! A Cloud Guru offers free trials of our cloud learning platform, designed to help individuals fast track their certifications or cloud careers.

Keep up with the latest in cloud learning

Want up-to-date industry news in the world of cloud learning? The ACG blog is a great place to read up on the new and notable, go deep on nuanced topics, and get tips and tricks from cloud computing experts.

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