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"Pluralsight'€™s content is just fantastic. It has helped me get up to speed on the app model and the client side stuff like Angular."

Paul Baker
Senior Web Developer

"Pluralsight helped our team figure out the best practices and patterns to use within Angular and helped us with our quick refactors too."

Brett McCarty
Product Team Lead

"€I know anytime I want to learn something new, I can jump onto [Pluralsight] and there will be a plethora of videos to teach us new techniques."

Rick Elchert
Senior Surface Designer

"We have a learning culture where we strive to encourage innovation. Pluralsight is a great resource to support us in this value.€"

Chris Franklin
Senior Developer

"We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of Pluralsight training, how current it is and how in-depth. It'€™s worked out very well for us."

Richard DiMichele
IT Training Manager

"[Pluralsight] has been a huge contributor toward the success of our program and success of our students."

Chris Hopkins

"Pluralsight has the expertise that delivers the training and the skills that we need."

Dana Myers
Interactive Media Instructor

"Giving my team access to Pluralsight makes them feel like they're valued employees. It helps them learn a whole breadth
of new skills."

Adam Kavan
Associate Director of Networks and Systems

"€œFast and easy access to Pluralsight has helped our artists quickly learn the basics of any new software we are implementing in our studio."

Glo Minaya
CG Supervisor

"Since we’ve cut back on in-person training and do more Pluralsight, onboarding time for our new engineers has gone from six weeks to four weeks.”     

Colby Litnak
Development Manager and Software Architect

“Pluralsight has been instrumental in assisting me to grow further in my career by providing relevant technical courses in emerging technologies.”    

David Turner
Senior QA Architect

"I use Pluralsight to stay up with technology and to take ownership of new projects.”     

Steven McEvoy
Senior Systems Analyst

“If there’s a concern about teamwork or something like that, we find a team collaboration type of course, focused on listening or communication. That’s probably the one way we’re using Pluralsight that I didn’t anticipate initially."    

Rahul Nemade
Chairman & President

“I think the online format of Pluralsight is the best because you can stop at any time
and come back.”

Justin Burrow
Data Warehouse Engineer

Brands who trust Pluralsight:

"I told my boss, 'Get me a Pluralsight license or I quit!'"

How has Pluralsight helped you?

"Pluralsight played a huge part in getting me up to speed with the rest of the technology world. Things are moving way faster than they used to, so it’s really important to have something like Pluralsight to help me stay up to date."    

Anthony Chu
Software Developer

"Pluralsight videos are the best training videos I’ve watched. Within eight weeks of starting Pluralsight, I landed a new job. Pluralsight gave me the skills that qualified
me for it."

Cassi King
UX Developer

“Since using Pluralsight, I have been able to progress within a short period of time from being a Software Engineer to Senior Software Developer. It is a great feeling to be valued by your peers and employers alike.”

Michael Ezehi
Senior Software Developer

"I’ve acquired many skills through Pluralsight, and my ability to get new positions and salary have increased
as a result."

Ahliana Byrd
Software Engineer

“Pluralsight is great, especially since some of the authors mix real world experience with
a training approach.”    

Alex Galbraith
Senior Solution Architect

“Pluralsight helps me to be better at my job. It helps me learn more and be better prepared to work in a world of constantly changing technologies and trends.”    

Dan Moyer
SharePoint Developer

“I added my Pluralsight transcript to the end of my CV and suddenly I started receiving interests from employers. I try to do at least a couple of Pluralsight courses per week on cutting edge technologies.”    

Ershad Nozari
IT Consultant

"I think most of my current skills and experience are the sum of the hours of training and practice I put in thanks to Pluralsight."       

Francesco Puccini
Senior 3D Generalist

"Taking the time in college to learn Maya with [Pluralsight] gave me an extra boost in my software knowledge and helped me land the job
I have today."        

Hannah Benbow

"Pluralsight certainly made it so I can do my job more efficiently. Without the help of Pluralsight, I probably wouldn’t be able to do jQuery because it’s so radically different from the language I code in.”       

Jason Amoss
Director of IT

“I spent some time searching for a training resource that was the most intuitive to use and had the highest quality resources. That’s where Pluralsight shined.”  

Kurt Avarell
Co-Founder and CEO

“I found Pluralsight to be absolutely invaluable, providing timely materials that are authored by industry leaders. The quality of the materials is superb and gives a holistic view of how a technology fits into the broader picture of the application.” 

Leon Dragan
Senior Software Engineer

“Every time I've needed some extra knowledge, Pluralsight has been there releasing the courses at the same time. The library has got pretty much everything I need in it, and they’re still releasing new courses
I’ll have to watch.”

Mark Ufland

“I love the quality of the instructors and training, the growing catalog of courses and the expansion of Pluralsight in several directions. This allows me to accelerate my adoption of new skills and brings benefits to our company.” 

Rodrigo Maglhaes
IT Manager

“I have used Pluralsight to teach myself and others. I have used it at all different stages in my career, whether that be to look up something or to help educate myself quickly when I need to upskill for a project.”     

Sheree Atcheson
Expansion Director

“My favorite part of [Pluralsight] is the ease of running through video training and the ability to replay parts to go over areas that might not initially make sense is brilliant.”    

Andrew Murchie

"Pluralsight allowed me to teach myself skills that I could apply directly to the job I was working." 

Bill Bensing
Procurement Analyst 

“Pluralsight has been a great resource. It's basically where I go to learn things that I want to know. I know I'll get good quality content and that I can trust them to cover the bases that are important to me.”    

Oz Perez
Software Developer/Founder 

“I'm working towards an MCSD Web applications certification and followed Pluralsight courses on HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and C#. From the first course, I was able to apply newly acquired knowledge to my day-to-day working activities.”    

Angella Allen
Computer Media Specialist 

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