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Innova Solutions: Enhancing innovation through hands-on learning

Discover how Innova Solutions used Pluralsight to level up their tech talent and client service with the power of learning by doing.

Innova Solutions

The challenge

Chasing innovation and adaptability

True to its name, Innova Solutions puts innovation first. Since its founding 25 years ago, the company has remained adaptable and tech centered for a variety of clients.


But today, tech is advancing at an astounding rate across all verticals. Innova needed to keep pace with the technologies their customers were interested in, particularly data centers and hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP. They also grappled with artificial intelligence—namely, how to develop practical, safe, and ethical AI solutions that would yield ROI.


Having acquired seven companies in just 15 months added another layer of complexity: Each organization had its own tools and learning platforms. Innova needed a streamlined learning approach that was easy to use and comprehensive enough to contend with a changing technological landscape.

Innova Solutions

Who they are

Through global delivery centers across North America, APAC, and Europe, Innova delivers strategic IT and business transformation solutions to clients—enabling them to operate as industry leaders.


Founded in 1998 | Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia | 100+ global offices and delivery centers

You can learn as much as you can through books and training, but you must be able to apply it practically to become an expert.

Robert Toups

Senior Vice President - Cloud Services

Innova Solutions

The solution

Putting people first

Leaders at Innova recognized that keeping ahead of today’s tech meant investing in their people. As Akkshada Maniyan, Head of Global L&OD, put it, “Without the right skills, we cease to exist.” With Pluralsight, Innova found a holistic solution for their tech upskilling needs, from cloud to AI and beyond.


Pluralsight Skills was launched across key locations in India and Mexico and later scaled across other locations. The skill assessments feature has been a huge benefit, helping leaders better understand their teams’ proficiency and tailor upskilling requirements accordingly. At launch, over 200 users took a skill assessment. These users saw 11.5% growth in skill proficiency over an average of just 33 days.


Pluralsight has also become a key part of the campus hire program. Campus hires have had the chance to go through extensive training in basic skills like SQL, HTML, and CSS, and dive into project-specific skills like Java, Angular, Android, iOS, and Ruby, allowing them to understand and use technology beyond the classroom. They also had the ability to measure their progress and saw 76% skill growth over the 6- to 8-week program.

Innova Solutions

Learning by doing

Employees use Pluralsight playgrounds and sandboxes to gain hands-on, secure experience and push the business forward.

Greater skill visibility

Leaders use Skill IQ to gauge employee proficiency and effectively manage upskilling costs.

Certification success

Employees completed 54 certifications in three weeks, contributing to a 40% improvement in proficiency and enhanced credibility.

Better adaptability

Innova has consistently adapted to diverse technologies—from AI to data centers to hyperscalers—and improved client service.

Innova Solutions
Pluralsight stood out to us for its fantastic content that’s not stagnant. Every three months, there’s something new for everybody to learn.

Akkshada Maniyan

Head of Global Learning and Organizational Development

Innova Solutions
next steps

Next steps

Forging tomorrow's tech leaders

Going forward, leaders at Innova are poised to keep innovating in employee upskilling and client service—two areas they see as deeply intertwined. As a consultancy, Innova aims to stay ahead of their customers on emerging technologies, which means continuously training employees. The company plans to adhere to a philosophy of continuous learning, and they see Pluralsight as their ongoing partner in making it happen.


Pluralsight is already a go-to resource for campus hires, and Innova aims to continue attracting the best young talent. The company recently hired 100 employees out of college, and they’re seeing notable Skill IQ improvements across 24 different tech stacks. These new hires are slated to work with clients within six months.


Innova’s partnership with Pluralsight has addressed immediate training needs and positioned the company for sustained success in an ever-evolving tech landscape. Innova will continue to look for more cutting-edge, efficient ways to serve their customers, and Pluralsight will power the learning that makes it possible.


next steps
Innova Solutions
It’s all about investing in our people. That's the core of who we are and the value we provide to our clients. Without the right evolving skills, we cease to exist.

Akkshada Maniyan

Head of Global Learning and Organizational Development

Innova Solutions

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