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ACG Case Study: Showpad

A true AWS cloud learning success story

Companies of all sizes look to AWS for cloud solutions. How can they quickly upskill their talent to take advantage of AWS services and create a culture of cloud learning? See how here.

A standout AWS cloud Success Story
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Grown organically

A culture of cloud learning and innovation

Showpad didn’t just race past its AWS certification goals for engineers — they created a culture of AWS innovation and cloud learning along the way, one that grew organically. See the steps they took to do it by downloading their case study.

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Learn from Showpad’s AWS success

See how this software company shattered their goals

Learn how Showpad worked with A Cloud Guru to:

  • Increase AWS certifications more than 10x
  • Quickly upgrade and innovate their AWS architecture
  • Gain massive adoption of A Cloud Guru’s learning platform internally
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