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Drive certification program success with a culture of learning

How enhancing organizational culture streamlines the professional certification journey for learners

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Skills learners who completed professional certification prep courses had a 94% pass rate on cert exams.

As more organizations look towards upskilling their workforce to adopt new cloud and AI technologies, many learners are dropping off midway in their professional certification journey because they need more prep time and struggle to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

To drive more certification success, leaders must also look to build an organizational culture of learning to better support learners.

Dive into this report for insights to help you:

  • Align your organization’s objectives with your learners’ professional certification and career goals. Discover the top roles certification learners are preparing for and fill in-demand positions faster. 
  • Develop effective strategies for building support systems that facilitate certification prep and increase pass rates. Learn how to overcome common challenges, keep your learners on track, and set them up for certification success.
  • Understand and streamline the five key steps in the professional certification journey for learners. Explore ways to optimize each step of your certification program to ensure impactful, goal-oriented learning from start to finish.


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