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Implementing and Testing Blue-Green Deployments on AWS

by Jake Watkins

In this course, you'll learn to use Blug-Green deployments with AWS services so you can release new functionality more rapidly and with less risk.

What you'll learn

The old traditional way of releasing software cannot keep pace today. Users and customers expect a constant stream of improvements and enhancements. In this course, Implementing and Testing Blue-Green Deployments on AWS, you'll learn what Blue-Green deployments are and how to perform them on the AWS platform. You'll start by learning what a Blue-Green deployment is, and some of the factors you should consider when using it. You’ll also learn to use AWS Route 53 to implement a Blue-Green deployment. Next, you'll discover how to use AWS Elastic Load Balancer to perform Blue-Green deployments. This method provides nearly instant impact on your application’s deployment. Finally, you explore two methods for dealing with the data your applications use and how to manage it when you start doing Blue-Green deployments. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of AWS services needed to perform Blue-Green deployments on AWS.

About the author

Jake Watkins is a software developer and consultant with 23 years of industry experience. He focuses on the Microsoft platform, DevOps, Cloud and container technologies. He has authored several articles for magazines and presents to .net user groups.

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