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Unlocking millions in potential savings with machine learning skills

The Challenge

Implementing technologies of the future today

TeamHealth identifies and fulfills the clinical staffing needs of hospitals across the United States. To empower clinicians to provide their best care, TeamHealth relies heavily on new technology teams to improve their skills and  user experiences. Every minute, 23 patients are seen by a TeamHealth clinician supported by technology solutions. Transformation and modernization initiatives are critical.

“Serving an organization with ongoing technology needs requires continual learning about solutions in the market and ways to better move data across them,” says Jared Meredith, Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture, TeamHealth.

The challenge becomes identifying what’s coming next in technology and enabling individuals to quickly explore, learn and practice their skills. The goal is to develop solutions at a rapid pace.

To realize the value of emerging technologies, TeamHealth leaders sought a way to deliver technology learning and innovation to save millions of dollars annually.

Who we are

TeamHealth offers clinical staffing, administrative support and management across the full continuum of health care, from hospital-based practices to post-acute care and ambulatory centers.

TeamHealth by the numbers

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Emphasis on technology skill development

“Training our teams is critical to the success of our transformation and modernization initiatives.”

Jared Meredith, Architecture, Strategy and Governance Executive, TeamHealth

What we're learning:

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The Solution

Launching Innovation Labs to accelerate solutions

TeamHealth partnered with Pluralsight to develop their first ever Innovation Lab, a four-day event designed to utilize video courses, assessments, hands-on practice and learning analytics to speed the development of technology.

“We brought in folks from multiple departments to explore how we could more efficiently receive charts and process data,” said Jared Meredith. Innovation Lab participants developed and applied skills in machine learning and AWS in partnership with Pluralsight.

“We were able to quickly learn a new cloud platform, rapidly deploy a working prototype and present a solution with implementation in mind,” says Daniel Boring, Senior Platform Architect, TeamHealth. “We were able to rapidly close the knowledge gap and produce a functioning prototype.”

The key benefits of Pluralsight for TeamHealth

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ML/AWS skills

Teams solved for critical business needs using ML and AWS to rapidly innovate and deploy prototypes.

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Financial impact

Delivering new automated billing thanks to enhanced technology skill development, TeamHealth saw a potential of $5 million in savings annually.

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Productive learning culture

Opportunities to learn new skills and innovate makes employees feel valued and invested in, increasing their motivation to perform.

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Time advantage

When new technologies hit the market, individuals are able to respond quickly, speeding up prototyping and production.

Workforce enablement leads to innovation

“We enable team members to develop new skills based on the technologies of tomorrow.”

Amanda Kiser, Head of Architecture, Innovation and Strategy, TeamHealth

The Results

Financial savings and increased employee value

Head of Architecture, Innovation  and Strategy Amanda Kiser says partnering with Pluralsight to quickly develop machine learning and AWS skills positively impacted the momentum of this project and could represent $5 million in annual savings from realizing efficiencies in billing. Teams delivered an automated medical billing system using machine learning and AI to process TeamHealth’s 25 million records per year, lessening errors, costs and security threats.

Amanda calls Pluralsight a key to driving relevant and innovative solutions for business problems.  Jared added, “It’s been a value-add, to have our employees feel empowered and appreciated in what they do. Giving them a tool like Pluralsight has allowed our technology organization to make a great impact.”

Applying ideas to production depends on skills

“That’s the powerful thing when you gain new skills; learning what you can do with them.”

Jared Meredith, Architecture, Strategy and Governance Executive, TeamHealth

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