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Unlock the full potential of your engineering, information security and data analytics. Check out our 2022 Tech Forecast and Build Better Blueprint below.

Your organisation can only maximise its tech by developing your teams and processes first.


The world is changing faster than ever. And so are the ways our teams work, learn and deliver. We want to not only help you change with it, but to evolve and leverage trends to accelerate your own business and drive the market forward.

It's through better teams, not just better technology, that you'll have a 2022 that surpasses your business objectives. Leverage the resources below to create and execute a plan that prepares your team to build the skills necessary to achieve your strategic initiatives and that enables you to track the impact of your investments in developing your team. 

2022 Tech Forecast and
Build Better Blueprint

2022 Tech Forecast Build Better Blueprint

Our 2022 Tech Forecast report highlights shifts and trends in the industry that will likely continue into this year, and suggests how you can plan for these shifts.

Dive into the report to get:

  • How the tech landscape has shifted over recent years
  • Insights into the most popular Pluralsight Skills courses of the year and the skills that you—or your competitors—are investing in going into 2022
  • Pluralsight Flow data that can help you manage your team in this unprecedented time
  • Data-driven tech trends carrying over from 2021 into 2022
  • Battle-tested strategies for leveraging those trends and driving the market forward

It gets better

Leverage the report's data to plan how to execute on your objectives throughout the year with our Build Better Blueprint. This blueprint will help you build a purpose-driven workforce development strategy aligned with your organization' key initiatives. You'll also set goals and establish metrics so you can prove your program's ROI to leadership.

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Evolving a 20-year-old company, increasing innovation and accelerating time to delivery requires fresh skills. See how VMware’s globally dispersed teams use Pluralsight to leverage the latest developments in technology as they find new ways to serve customers.

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