pluralsight and google cloud

powering cloud skills at scale

Together, Google Cloud and Pluralsight empower companies to develop critical cloud skills, unlock the possibilities of hybrid and multi-cloud computing and take control of their digital transformation.

Accelerate your team's Google Cloud Platform proficiency

Google Cloud and Pluralsight have partnered to give you the confidence you have the job roles and tech skills to execute your cloud strategy. With Google Cloud-authored courses, access to free hands-on labs from Qwiklabs, skill and role assessments, aligned to Google Cloud certifications and Pluralsight's suite of analytics, you can index the skills of your organization, upskill into modern cloud roles, and mobilize teams.

Index the Google Cloud skills of your organization

Skill IQ interface

It starts with seeing where your teams’ Google Cloud skills stand today. With Skill IQ, you’ll know where strengths and weaknesses lie, and what they need to work on to keep improving in minutes.

Upskill into modern Google Cloud roles

Role IQ interface

With Role IQ, you can benchmark roles across your organization and finally see if your teams have the skills they need to tackle your biggest objectives. 


Iris is a new way to measure and evolve technology skills. Iris powers our assessment algorithms and guides your teams to the skills they need now. The more they learn about technology, the more Iris learns about your teams. She uses data to create a smarter, personalized skill development journey with content recommendations based on an individual’s Skill IQ.


It can be tough for your teams to know where to start their Google Cloud learning journey. Paths have been created by Google Cloud and Pluralsight to combine specific courses and tools into one experience to develop the right skills in the right order for Google Cloud specialty tracks.

Curated channels are aligned to Google Cloud’s certification paths and are designed to help your team reach their learning goals and your business objectives more effectively.

Mobilize teams to continuously deliver outcomes

Advanced analytics

Feel confident your teams can deliver on your business’ most critical objectives with a suite of advanced analytics. You can benchmark your team’s progress at every phase of their skill development journey, and keep your teams on track with their learning journey for your most important Google Cloud objectives.

Put your practice to work

Make sure your skills stick with hands-on labs with Qwiklabs. Many Google Cloud-authored courses are integrated with labs that allow to practice what you're learning in an actual environment, not a simulation or demo environment. 

Our integration with Qwiklabs lets you start a lab quickly and begin to apply what you're learning in a real-world setting. You can access the lab environment from anywhere on the Internet using a standard browser. 

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