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Build a future-proficient org and reduce attrition using data and key initiatives

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It’s every agency's goal to build future-proof teams, but here’s your friendly reminder that it’s an impossible and unrealistic goal. Tech in the public sector is always evolving, and the world is too uncertain to predict every circumstance.

The key is to build a future-proficient workforce that has the skills and processes necessary to strengthen your ability to deploy top talent at a moment’s notice. As new mandates and frameworks continue to be introduced, we want to help you empower your organization with the right skills to meet your agency objectives.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Pluralsight Tech Talent Report

Pluralsight Tech Talent Report

The Pluralsight Tech Talent Report is here to help you remain competitive and agile by exploring how other organizations have found success in investing in their people and processes through data-backed and human-supported efforts.

Read our report to gain insights on:

  • Initiatives to invest in and how to prepare your people and processes for new tech
  • Where leaders are seeing the most attrition and which roles are most impacted
  • Data-driven insights that best support and grow teams
  • The effectiveness of upskilling and reskilling
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ICS + Pluralsight

Winning Government Contracts by Demonstrating IT Skill Agility

Pluralsight allows ICS to support employees beyond their backyard. With the technology skill platform accessible anytime, anywhere, they can find and invest in a remote workforce.

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