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Build better in Google Cloud in 2022

How developing Google Cloud skills can aid teams as they work to become leaders in creativity and technology.

Empowering our employees to build their skills


Technologists want to develop their skills—but they often lack opportunities to do so. By giving employees the ability to upskill and reskill, you empower them to grow in their roles while feeling supported by the company. Pluralsight is committed to helping Ubisoft build valuable new skills in cloud computing, AI and ML, while also providing valuable insights on how to improve workflows and optimise team efficiency.

2022 Tech Forecast and
Build Better Blueprint

2022 Tech Forecast Build Better Blueprint

Our 2022 Tech Forecast report highlights shifts and trends in the industry that will likely continue into this year, and suggests how you can plan for these shifts.

Dive into the report to get:

  • How the tech landscape has shifted over recent years
  • Insights into the most popular Pluralsight Skills courses of the year and the skills that you—or your competitors—are investing in going into 2022
  • Pluralsight Flow data that can help you manage your team in this unprecedented time
  • Data-driven tech trends carrying over from 2021 into 2022
  • Battle-tested strategies for leveraging those trends and driving the market forward

It gets better

Leverage the report's data to plan how to execute on your objectives throughout the year with our Build Better Blueprint. This blueprint will help you build a purpose-driven workforce development strategy aligned with your organization' key initiatives. You'll also set goals and establish metrics so you can prove your program's ROI to leadership.

Customer stories

Creating a sustainable continuous learning culture

The importance and benefits of creating a culture of continuous learning are not new. However, 43% of businesses are still trying to figure out how to implement continuous learning and upskilling programs that will benefit their teams. See how Deutsche Bank created a successful learning culture in order to attract and retain talent. 

Empower your employees to achieve more