Success story: Rodrigo used Pluralsight to improve data center management and automation

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Rodrigo Magalhaes

Rodrigo Magalhães discovered Pluralsight at a Microsoft TechEd event (now Microsoft Ignite) in São Paulo, Brazil. He credits Pluralsight with accelerating his ability to improve his skills and acquire new ones, as well as advance data center management and automation for his company.

Rodrigo's story

I work in the management and support data center of the company responsible for IT in the city of São Paulo. I coordinate a team of 25 support analysts and we are responsible for environmental management, third-level support and plan, design and implementation of new projects. I had already used other technical training, but I found Pluralsight to be exceptionally beneficial.

What do you love most about Pluralsight?

I love the quality of instructors and training, the growing catalog of courses and the expansion of Pluralsight in several directions-including the acquisition of companies, bringing more value to the subscription service every day. This allows me to accelerate my adoption of new skills and brings benefits to our company.

Which Pluralsight courses do you use the most?

So far, training in ASP.NET MVC and PowerShell, and I am trying to find time to participate in new PowerShell (including PowerShell DSC), VMware and Windows Server training, plus some training in development. Scott Allen is a very good instructor, like many others, and I've found there is no need to use the closed-caption because the instructors speak clearly. Also, it is interesting to improve my English.

Share an example of how Pluralsight training helped you accomplish a goal or project.

We are developing a dashboard with infrastructure indicators for our board, and instead of using a market solution, we are developing in ASP.NET MVC. This gave us more flexibility, allowing you to connect to different sources of information to generate the KPIs. In addition, we have made great advances in management and automation of our two data centers with about 1200 servers through the use of tools like System Center, VMware vRealize Operations Manager, PowerShell and PowerCLI.

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