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What you missed at Pluralsight’s Cloud Transformation Day

December 20, 2022

That’s a wrap on Pluralsight’s inaugural Cloud Transformation Day! Catch the on-demand recording for all the cloud goodness you missed. And make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on Cloud Transformation Day 2023.

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What is Pluralsight’s Cloud Transformation Day?

Pluralsight brought in some of the leading cloud experts to talk about where organizations are at in their cloud transformation journeys, how to break through some of the biggest barriers to success, and what organizations should be doing now to prepare for greater opportunities in 2023.

Session 1: State of the Cloud

Drew Firment, Chief Cloud Strategist, and Amanda Knight, Director of Engineering Transformation

The best place to start is where you are. So Drew and Amanda kicked us off by discussing the state of cloud computing at an organizational level during the first session of Cloud Transformation Day. So where are we? Stuck in the middle of a gap between the future that leaders see in cloud computing and the reality of what technologists can accomplish in the cloud right now.

Session 2: How to build a multicloud strategy + 5 mistakes to avoid

David Tucker, Pluralsight Author, and David Linthicum, Deloitte Chief Cloud Strategy Officer

This year saw multicloud strategies explode across the landscape. So Pluralsight Author David Tucker sat down with Deloitte’s Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, David Linthicum. The two Davids discussed the best ways to approach a strategic multicloud strategy and the obstacles organizations need to avoid to see multicloud success. The main takeaway? The technology we use and the way we use it are still in the early stages of maturity. But, in the next few years, multicloud will completely change the game for organizations using cloud computing.

Session 3: How not to sabotage your transformation

Jonathan Allen, AWS Director of Enterprise Strategy

Jonathan Allen, Director of Enterprise Strategy at AWS, took on organizational agility in the third session of Pluralsight’s Cloud Transformation Day. His big takeaway? You need a leadership team, not a team of leaders. Everyone needs to buy into the same mission, focus on the same priorities, and operate with the same principles. Once you have that, it’s easy to focus on innovation and move forward with speed and efficiency.

Session 4: The 5 pillars of cloud security

Faye Ellis, Pluralsight Author

Security is the number one skills gap for technologists. For cloud, especially, the differences between the shared responsibility models make securing cloud environments even more difficult. But Pluralsight Author, Faye Ellis, came to the rescue with her session. In her presentation, Faye outlined a security baseline that any organization can use as a starting point when building cloud infrastructures. She then took it even further and identified the five pillars that make up cloud security.

Session 5: Leading with the cloud in 2023 and beyond

Aaron Skonnard, Pluralsight Co-founder & CEO, and Stephen Orban, Google Cloud VP of Migrations

We wrapped up Cloud Transformation Day with a fireside chat between Pluralsight Co-founder and CEO, Aaron Skonnard, and Google Cloud’s VP of Migrations, Stephen Orban. The two spent time reminiscing about the evolution they’ve seen within cloud technology in the last decade and a half before breaking down the five key challenges organizations are facing. Spoiler alert: none of them are technical in nature.