The Official Web Training Launch is Here

After an amazing week meeting fellow artists and Digital-Tutors members at SIGGRAPH, we're excited to make the official announcement that web training is the latest content vertical to be added to the Digital-Tutors training library. We published a web 'soft launch' post last month, but we wanted to start building the web training library before making the official announcement - and the fireworks we ordered online hadn't come in yet.  

So why web?

Maybe a bigger question a lot of people will have on their minds, is why not more training for 3D, game dev, etc.? Don't worry, it's all coming and we've pulled zero resources working on those categories to cover anything web related. We've hired new instructors to take on creating web training, along with more instructors to create content for our existing verticals. training_team We understand how it can look with all of this new content in web or CAD, but nothing has slowed down elsewhere. There's just more of everything! As we ramp up, you'll see even more and we're almost on pace to start releasing two courses a day to meet the needs of artists and designers in all fields. Two courses a day - every single day! Web Terms laptop image

OK, now why web?

We like to think the web is where it's all happening. Whether you're creating movies, games, designs or so many other projects, the web is how it is all delivered. From creating your own portfolio on the web, to your own blog, to games in HTML5, to understanding how the web works, we want to help web professionals and all creatives create a better web! With additional access to Pluralsight's dev and IT training, there's nothing that can slow you down. Except hours in the day. We think a quote from our founder, Piyush Patel sums it all up quite well: "The convergence of media and technology is being pushed to incredible new heights every day. The web is the channel where it's happening and it's key for the creatives, the front-end web teams and the back-end tech world to look at the whole picture - from creating the media content itself, to then creating the web experience and back-end systems that seamlessly deliver it." Start watching training on everything from learning HTML, CSS, Edge Animate, Dreamweaver and more. Some highlights include: Your First Day with HTML Bringing Your Website to Life with Edge Animate Your First Day with CSS Creating a Responsive Multiplayer Action Web Game in HTML5 Your First Day in Dreamweaver CC Your First Day Designing Websites in Photoshop Creating a Blog on WordPress.com

What you'll see next for web training

What you see in the library is only just the beginning. We have internal authors and guest authors creating some really exciting web content that is truly going to make this a resource for all web professionals - from topics covered to the depth in each area.   Make sure to look through all of the new web design and interactive training and keep an eye out for all of the new tutorials coming in every category covered on Digital-Tutors - the world's largest creative training library.