Join Digital-Tutors Saturday for a Master Chief Collection Live Stream

The Digital-Tutors team is ready for some intense Red vs. Blue action in Halo: The Master Chief Collection this Saturday, January 17th, 1pm - 3pm CST. We'll be pitting DT employees against each other in the most epic Spartan battles. The best part is, we'll be streaming the entire thing live on Twitch for your viewing pleasures. There will be clutch moments, trash talking, and maybe even some rage quits. With the Master Chief Collection there are four Halo games at our disposal so there is no telling which game we'll be playing when you tune in, maybe some precise pistol headshots in Halo: Combat Evolved, or dual-wielding in Halo 3. Spend some time with the DT team this Saturday, January 17th, between 1pm and 3pm CST on the Digital-Tutors Twitch Stream. Ask questions, take part and let your voice be heard so we can make this experience truly interactive. Talk about the game,  or make your predictions for which team is going to reign victorious, Red or Blue? Don’t forget to join us, and be sure to follow Digital-Tutors on Twitch so you can always be on top of our next video game live stream.