LightUp Now Lets You Output UHD Renders

Users of the SketchUp lighting plugin, LightUp, will be happy to know that you can now output ultra-high resolution renders (3840x2160) for better pre-viz quality of  for your game and architectural designs. LightUP adds realistic, real time lighting to your SketchUp models, and the new release of LightUp is now available in demo and retail form. The video below demonstrates the speed, quality, and new features of the new LightUp.
Some other new LightUp features include:
  • Export lit model to other Apps
  • Realtime animated water
  • Export Dynamic Component animation
  • Improved Intel GPU support
  • Realtime planar reflections (ideal for floors, glazing)
  • Realtime sun shadows
  • Supports 24 core rendering
  • IES lights starter pack
  • Vertex lighting modes
  • No backface cull modes