NAB 2015 Full Recap

With NAB finally coming to a close it’s now time to reflect back on the expo. There were a lot of big announcements out of NAB like NUKE non-commercial, a new version of DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, as well as Maya 2016 launched during NAB week. Our team was on the NAB floor making sure they reported on the latest industry news during the paszzzt week and in this recap article you’ll find a list of everything we covered out of NAB. Jump to each article using the links below.

NUKE Non-Commercial

One of the biggest announcements out of NAB is NUKE Non-Commercial. Which is a completely free version of NUKE that still has all the exact same features as the full version of NUKE, the only caveat obviously, is that it can’t be used for commercial work. But you’re free to use it for learning, and personal projects, as long as you aren’t earning money off of it in some way. This opens up NUKE to the community allowing everyone to have the chance to push their skills further with an industry standard application. We had the chance to meet up with NUKE’s Marketing Manager, Philippa Carroll to get more information on the announcement. You can watch the full interview here. [ Go to Top ]

RealFlow Core

During our interview with our good friend from Next Limit Technologies, Gustavo Sanchez mentioned something Next Limit is calling “RealFlow Core” which is going to be a plug-in presumably allowing artists to use the power of RealFlow in other 3D applications. He talked about RealFlow Core for CINEMA 4D, allowing artists to stay in C4D for the duration of their project but still utilizing RealFlow’s powerful dynamics engine through the integrated plug-in. This announcement was made during our video interview with Gus, so be sure to check it out here. [ Go to Top ]

Summary of Autodesk Announcements

Autodesk had some big announcements out of NAB which you can read the full summary here. Some of these announcements included the much anticipated Maya 2016 which features a redesigned UI, improved Hypershade, increases to the animation playback in the viewport and much more. [ Go to Top ]

Thinkbox Announces Deadline v7.1

The team over Thinkbox Software announced the newest version of their powerful render management software Deadline 7.1. You can read the full press release here. [ Go to Top ]

Shotgun 6 Announced

Shotgun Software is an extremely popular production and asset management tool being utilized by some of the biggest studios. Last year Shotgun was acquired by Autodesk, and at NAB 2015 they announced the newest version of their software, Shotgun 6. Read the full press release here. [ Go to Top ]

Blackmagic Design Confirms the URSA Mini

Blackmagic Design is not only the company behind the extremely popular DaVinci Resolve editing and color correction software, as well as the visual effects software Fusion they also have a line of high-end digital film cameras. During NAB they announced the URSA Mini, as well as the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera designed specifically for remote control. Check out the full press release and our interview with Tina Eckman of Blackmagic Design here. [ Go to Top ]

The Future of VR

During NAB, Arthur van Hoff and Scott Broock of Jaunt VR took the stage to talk in-depth about new opportunities that VR presents to the entertainment industry and where they think the technology is moving to in the future. Check out the full in-depth post here. [ Go to Top ]

Choosing the Right Camera for POV Shots

POV is very popular thing in the film industry, and allows the audience to get a whole new perspective. There are often countless POV cuts in action films, but there are also films shot entirely in the first person, like Clover Field, The Blair Witch Project and more. Douglas Spotted Eagle, an expert in filmography and POV gave a great talk on choosing the right camera for POV shots. Read the full article here. [ Go to Top ]

Tips for How to be a Successful Freelancer

Amy DeLouise gave an excellent talk at NAB on way to advance your career and be more successful as a freelancer. The discussion was packed full of great tips for things like being active on social media, branding yourself and a lot more. Read the full article here. [ Go to Top ]

Interview with CEO of MAXON

Our team at NAB had the chance to meet up with the President and CEO of MAXON, Paul Babb and discuss CINEMA 4D, some of the recent announcements around the applications and the features headed to the software in the future. Watch the full interview here. [ Go to Top ]

Bungie Artists Talk Destiny

Destiny has been out for several months, but it’s a game with a lot of buzz surrounding it still. Whether you were part of the group that felt Destiny didn’t live up to the hype, or the other group that still plays Destiny regularly, it’s no secret that a lot of talented artists put a lot of hard work into bringing this game to life. Three artists from Bungie took the stage to discuss all things Destiny, their thought process for weapon names, what it was like moving from Halo to Destiny and even addressed their opinions on the negative press Destiny received during launch. Be sure to read the full article here. [ Go to Top ]

Interview with Aaron Booth and George Georgeadis of Dissolve

Dissolve is an excellent site with thousands of high quality stock footage clips that will provide your project with exactly what you need, whether it’s a mountain shot, a city shot, or timelapses. We met up with Aaron Booth and George Georgeadis to get more information on Dissolve. Watch the full interview. [ Go to Top ]

Exclusive Interview with Boris FX

During NAB we talked with Ross Shain, the Chief Marketing Officer for Boris FX and Imagineer Systems. He talked with us about their latest announcements and features in their award-winning software, mocha. Watch the interview here. [ Go to Top ]

Preserving Creative Intent with New Technology

In one of the keynote sessions at NAB 2015 Carolyn Giardina from The Hollywood Reporter moderated a discussion about ensuring the creative intent behind a movie or television show doesn’t get lost in the technology. In this talk was David Keighley, Chief Quality Officer and Executive Vice President at IMAX as well as Jan Yarbrough, Senior Colorist at Warner Bros. Read the full article here. [ Go to Top ]

Interview with Autodesk

After the big announcements at Autodesk we met up with Autodesk’s Senior Marketing Manager, Chris Hession to get more insights into the improvements in Maya 2016, as well as the announcements around their recent acquisition of Shotgun Software. Check out the full interview. [ Go to Top ]

Interview with Shotgun Software

During NAB our team caught up with Matt Welker of Shotgun Software to talk about the recent acquisition of Shotgun by Autodesk and to learn more about the benefits of using Shotgun Software in your studio pipeline. Watch the full interview here. [ Go to Top ]

Behind the Scenes of Walt Disney Imagineering

One of the really interesting talks from NAB came from Greg Kadorian of Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI). He is part of Walt Disney Theme Parks & Resorts and creates content for Disney’s theme parks and many other attractions. He discussed some amazing new technology they’re rolling out in the near future with laser projectors. Read the full in-depth article over the talk here to learn more about what great things Disney has planned for their attractions. [ Go to Top ]

Interview and Demonstration with Thinkbox Software

During NAB we got to meet up with the President and CEO of Thinkbox Software and talked with him about their newest version of Deadline they announced this week. He also gave us a great demonstration of the plug-in in 3ds Max. Watch the full interview and demo here. [ Go to Top ]