NAB 2015: Shotgun 6 Announced

Amid the announcements coming out of NAB today, Shotgun Software announced the latest version of their popular production and asset management tool. Here's the press release:
Las Vegas, NV (April 13, 2015) -- Today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, Shotgun Software unveiled Shotgun 6 and RV 6 which now work together without any required end-user configuration. Shotgun is the cloud-based production tracking, review and asset management software for film, TV and games, recently expanded via acquisition with RV, the widely adopted desktop image and sequence player. Shotgun 6 will now include direct access to RV 6 at no extra cost to users, with the latest releases of both Shotgun 6 and RV 6 also offering new features to boost production efficiency. "Just months after bringing our friends from Tweak on board and announcing a new pricing model, we’ve built some really great new functionality into both Shotgun and RV that helps artists and supervisors collaborate around their work much faster,"” said Don Parker, co-founder of Shotgun and Autodesk senior director. “"Including RV as part of Shotgun and adding RVX and RVIO at no additional cost is a win-win for all of our customers. We’re excited to be showing it at NAB.”"
  New Features in Shotgun 6: -- RV in Shotgun:Download, install and start using RV with your existing Shotgun login. No extra fees, no need for a separate license, and accessible in a single click with no configuration. -- New Project Templates: Templates help you manage different workflows for different projects, such as films, episodic TV series, or games. -- Enhanced Navigation and Browsing: Choose how you organize the items you’re tracking (i.e. Shots by Sequence, or Asset by Type), then navigate between them using Shotgun'’s new navigation widget. -- Improved Flame Integration: Transfer content from Flame into Shotgun faster and more reliably. -- Updated Loader: Artists can now find and load files faster directly from inside of their creative tools, such as Maya, 3ds Max and Nuke, using the new list view in the Toolkit Loader app. New in RV 6: -- Shotgun Login:A new licensing option allows users to access RV using their Shotgun username and password. -- Built-in RVX Functionality: RV now includes features previously only available in RVX such as the ability to author image-processing operations - everything from simple color transforms to multi-input compositions and editorial transitions. -- Export using RVIO: Users can now export movies or frame sequences with RVIO while running RV. No need for a separate RVIO license. Both Shotgun 6 and RV 6 will be demonstrated at NAB 2015 in the Autodesk Booth (SL 3317). Shotgun 6 with RV 6 integration is expected to be available by the end of April with pricing starting at $30 per account/per month with "“Awesome”" support, or $50 per account/per month with “"Super Awesome"” support. RV will also continue to be supported as a standalone tool, and pricing for standalone versions of RV, RVIO, and RV-SDI remain the same. For more information, please visit: http://www.shotgunsoftware.com/pricing/ . About Shotgun Shotgun Software, an Autodesk company, builds secure, scalable software for production tracking, review, and asset management. More than 600 creative companies rely on the Shotgun platform, which now includes the RV image/movie player, to provide essential business tools for managers and visual collaboration tools for artists and supervisors, often working globally with distributed teams. Studios of all sizes including DreamWorks, Framestore, Blizzard, Microsoft, Walt Disney, Double Negative and Ubisoft have adopted Shotgun's customizable system and contribute to the ongoing development of its growing ecosystem of applications. www.shotgunsoftware.com.
Source: Shotgun Software