New Featured Artist: Scott McEwan

For the past decade, Scott McEwan has been inspiring people with his breathtaking scenic creations. We wanted to meet the man behind these magnificent images and gain some insight into the genius behind them. Born on the Bayou Digital-Tutors: Thank you for talking with us! Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and some of the work you are currently working on? Scott McEwan: Well for starters, I have always been into art. From a very early age I was tutored by a published traditional media artist that was a friend of the family. I am working on a couple of different small budget films as a VFX artist, and several personal projects, one being my complete detailed build of the Icarus II spacecraft from the 2007 film Sunshine by Danny Boyle. For work, I am the Production Head of the Graphics Department of a St. Pete Florida Advertising firm, I create still & animated ads for various customers. Digital-Tutors: How did you get started in the industry? Scott McEwan: Quite by chance actually, I plugged away at my 3D Artwork for years, publishing several more increasingly detailed renders and models, and eventually I was contacted over the course of a couple of years by several producers and VFX Artists. B5 Warlock Destroyer WIP38_2 Digital-Tutors: How has being part of the navy affected you as an artist? Scott McEwan: That one is easy to answer, one thing they drilled into us in the Submarine Service was attention to detail. Digital-Tutors: What is the most difficult part of what you do? Scott McEwan: Time… I’ve currently been working 7 days a week non-stop for months now.  It’s hard to balance my personal projects with my workload, which is intense. Digital-Tutors: What’s the best part? Scott McEwan: The satisfaction of seeing the final product. Digital-Tutors: How do you continue to grow as an artist? Scott McEwan: Tutorials.  Networking. Nobody knows it all, there is always someone out there with a different, unique and new way of doing things. It’s the nature of the business. You must always endeavor to stay on the cutting edge, or you’ll be left behind. quote1 Scott Digital-Tutors: When you’re not creating art, what would we find you doing? Scott McEwan: Creating art.  Ha!  It’s in my blood. Digital-Tutors: What are some trends that you see happening in the animation and design field? Is there any specific technology that you are excited about that will change the way you create? Scott McEwan: The trends I am seeing are amazing.  The technology is getting intensely realistic.  I’m excited about Adobe’s new launch that’s coming up, where they will be enabling native CINEMA 4D formats in After Effects. Exciting! quote2 Lost Valley Digital-Tutors: What gets you ‘in the zone’? Scott McEwan: My music.  Sometimes watching a film that is closely related to what I am currently working on helps as well. Or seeing the masters at work and trying to figure it out. Digital-Tutors: If you could go back in time ten years, what would you tell yourself? Scott McEwan: Ten years?  Perhaps gone back to school for various subjects.  It’s all valuable in this field! Digital-Tutors: Any last things you’d like to share before we leave? Scott McEwan: May your renders be short!  Pay attention to your lighting! Digital-Tutors: Thank you for your time Scott! Watch Scott’s tutorials on Scenic Environment Creation in Vue and Creating Scenic Terrains Using EcoSystems in Vue and don’t forget to check out his website too! Return to Lost Valley WIP29_small WIP34_small

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