Nominate the Best Computer for Creative Work

Recently we asked you to vote on your favorite laptops for creative work. While we did get a ton of great laptops submitted, there was a sprinkle of desktops in there - it makes sense. Even if you're working on a laptop now, at some point in your creative career the chances are pretty good you've worked on a desktop. Good or bad, there are all types out there. Well, now it's time to let your voice be heard and make sure your favorite desktop computer gets voted in as a community favorite! It's worth noting that if we get a lot of "custom-built" nominations, we'll be grouping those all into one. Since custom-built PCs are so common these days and also because no two custom-built PCs are the same, we'll try to do another vote just for that in the near future. So for now and with this vote, our key focus is going to be on off-the-shelf systems.

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