Nominate the Best Laptop for Creative Work

Gone are the days of PowerAnimator's $30,000 software price tag running on a specialized hardware in an SGI system that cost more than many small homes these days. Gone, too, are the days of needing the size of a small home just to have enough processing power to run what can now be run from the palm of your hand. Sometimes things get bigger and better, but when it comes to technology when things get better they usually also get smaller. Computers have gotten much smaller than their counterparts from decades ago. Despite this, the power in those systems have continued to increase and today it's easy to get a reliable and powerful laptop computer that's capable of running just about any high-end creative software program for a relatively cheap price. Creativity can strike anywhere, so we want to hear from you. When you're doing creative work, what is your favorite laptop to get the job done?

How to Add Your Nomination

Simply use the comments below to nominate your favorite laptop to use for creative work. It could be the laptop you're using right now or maybe it's your dream mobile system. There's no restriction on what sort of laptop it is or what sort of creative work you're using it for, so make sure your favorite laptop gets nominated! When nominating, please use this format:   Favorite laptop: Brand and model name of your favorite laptop. Feel free to include a URL, but it's not required. Why: Give us a brief explanation (a sentence or two) on why you love this laptop.   We'll do an initial nomination so you can get an idea of the voting structure.

What Happens Next?

After gathering nominations for about a week, we'll close the comments here and then announce the top five most-nominated laptops. From there, you'll be invited to vote on any of the top five nominees and see what the overall community-favorite laptop is for creative work.