Now Preview Video Compression Problems Before You Hit Export

Like most us, you've probably experienced exporting your video for compression only to find much, much later that the process created many undesirable artifacts. You usually have to start the whole lengthy compression process over again loosing time and patience. However, a new After Effects plugin called Compression Preview can now let you see those problems BEFORE exporting your video for compression. Compression Preview works by allowing you to compress a frame range from directly within the After Effects timeline.  That is, you can preview the bad effects caused by compression before you actually export. Not only that, but Compression Preview also allows you to fix many of the common compression problems like banding, color shifts, and artifacts as you find them. Previewing anything saves time with iteration, which can translate into dollars saved for those time-sensitive commercial projects. Compression preview is relatively inexpensive ($49 USD) and can be downloaded. For more info, check out the Compression Preview website or watch this demonstration video below for more details.