Unity Releasing Analytics Beta Free to Users

Whether your a lone wolf dev or the head of marketing for a studio, knowing how to effectively design and market your game is key to its financial success. Knowledge is power, and no information is more critical today than understanding how players are interacting with your game. What would it mean to you if you found out that half of your players drop out at the third level? Is there a design flaw with that level? Are you giving players enough resources to balance out the challenges? These types of questions are essential to iterating your game design to match your players' needs. cont image Analytics software is a powerful tool that lets you identify important types of statistical trends within your game. Accumulating all types of data over from thousands and thousands of game sessions can provide you with a way to move forward with your game design. The data might tell you that there are only tweaks or it might suggest you need to rethink the entire project. Regardless, it's best to know as soon as possible in order to stay ahead of the competition and to limit the financial exposure any change would require. Unity has just released its Unity Analytics beta free for all subscribers including Unity Free and Pro users. Here are a few of its main features:
  • Data Explorer lets you compare data sets. For example, you can see how your Android users stack up next to iOS ones.
  • Funnel Analysis can tell you where in the game players seem to be dropping off so that you can make appropriate adjustments.
  • Metric Monitor gives you the high level view of how many players you have, how long they are playing for, who’s staying and who’s spending.
  • Custom Data Collection gives you even greater insight into your players by capturing monetization statistics, user demographics and custom event information.
  • Segment Builder allows you to create your own custom dynamic segments based on user attributes and game behavior patterns.
  • Custom Even Metrics can get you data by letting you create custom events, tracking them over time and defining and monitoring event properties. For example, you could gather data just on the 1-3 day players that beat the Level 5 boss., and then look at how much gold they had at the time.
You can find out more about Unity Analytics or register for the beta by visiting Unity's website.