How To Become MCITP Certified Server Administrator

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UPDATE: The MCITP has expired and is replaced by the MCSA. To learn more, read Understand the New MCSE Certifications from Microsoft.

There are over 5,000 MCITP Server Administrators worldwide. To be more precise, there were exactly 5,079 as of January 9th this year.

Are you ready to be number 5,080? Ready to take your career to the next level? Ready to prove your Server 2008 leadership and problem solving skills?

Great! Now let's see what you'll need to become a MCITP certified Server Administrator.

How To Become a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

MCITP: Server Administrator

The MCITP Server Administrator certification will help you develop and demonstrate your knowledge and skills in working with Server 2008 and prepare you for several different roles including:

  • Windows Server Administrator
  • Server Systems Administrator
  • Monitoring Operator
  • Network Administrator

The MCITP certification builds on a combination of MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) prerequisites that will allow you to develop your technical skills and knowledge and prepare you for your role as a Server Administrator.

In preparation for your MCITP you will learn how to:

  • handle day to day management of the server os, file structure and directory services
  • handle software distribution and updates
  • monitor servers
  • troubleshoot servers
  • configure the server
  • implement an auditing policy
  • peform scheduled vulnerability assessment scans

How to Earn Your MCITP: Server Administrator Certification

There are three exam requirements for the MCITP Server Administrator certification:

The first two exams are MCTS prerequisite exams that I mentioned above and the third is a Professional Series exam.

How To Become a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) - 1

How to Upgrade to the MCITP: Server Administration Certification from MCSA or MCSE

If you have your Windows Server 2003 MCSA or MCSE certification, you can choose an upgrade path instead and take two exams instead of three.

To upgrade your Server 2003 MCSA you will need to pass:

How To Become a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) - 2

To upgrade your Server 2003 MCSE you will need to pass:

How To Become a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) - 3

By taking the first exam (either 70-648 or 70-649) you will be able to earn multiple MCTS certifications on Windows Server 2008 (shown in the diagrams above) and be only one exam away from your MCITP Server Administrator Certification.

Learn more about upgrading your Server 2003 MCSA and MCSE to Windows Server 2008 here.

Introducing: Windows Server 2008 MCITP Training

To help you achieve your MCITP Server Administrator Certification we have developed this hands-on training that will prepare you for your 70-646 MCITP exam. With our Server 2008 MCITP Server Administrator Training you will learn about:

  • Server installations and upgrades on Server 2008 & Server Core
  • Using Group Policy to simplify network administration
  • Setting up a file, print and VPN server
  • Using Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Virtualization and Hyper-V installation

Get the details about our brand new Server 2008 MCITP Server Administrator Training and earn your MCITP certification.

If you haven't started on your prerequisite MCTS exams yet, then take a look at our complete MCITP Server Administration Training Package that includes 3 courses to help you prepare for your:

  • Exam 70-642: Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
  • Exam 70-640: Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring
  • Exam 70-646: Server 2008, Server Administrator
  • Plus You Get 3 Free Transcender Practice Exams

Get more details about our new Server 2008 MCITP Server Administrator Training Package and start working towards your MCITP today!

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