Is VMware's new VCA cert as fancy as it sounds?

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At this year's VMworld a couple weeks ago, VMware announced lots of exciting news, most notably the introduction of vSphere 5.5. But not all of the news out of VMworld is worth jumping up and down for.

VMware also told attendees about a new certification, the VMware Certified Associate (VCA). It sounds fancy, but will it really do anything for your resume? As an IT pro, probably not, but maybe if you work in sales.

Why shouldn't you take this cert seriously? Check out this post on the Pluralsight blog to learn more and to weigh in on your take!

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Lora Beros

Lora Beros is a Branded Content Manager at Pluralsight with a focus on IT ops. Lora is based out of our Utah office, which means she loves to eat, drink and hibernate during the winter. When she's not writing for Pluralsight shi is reading up on tech. You can find her on Twitter @lora_not_laura.