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The Leader's Complete Guide to Cloud Migration

August 24, 2021

While more than half of all organizations have accelerated their migration to the cloud since the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, many are finding that it isn’t all they dreamed it would be. A recent Mckinsey study reports that 80% of CIOs have not reached the level of agility and business benefits they were aiming for. Additionally, many organizations that transitioned the majority of workloads to the cloud are still within the same range of agility as their counterparts that are transitioning slower.  

To remain competitive, tech leaders need to continue to mature their company’s cloud strategies, ensuring that they have the right organizational design, skill development and processes in place to realize value. 

When it comes to assessing and articulating your cloud maturity, you need a plan in place that not only covers the technicalities behind such a migration but also receives buy-in from the rest of your team. With this guide you will have a better understanding of our guide to cloud migration and: 


  • Assessing your cloud maturity
  • Cloud migration: Everything from nuts & bolts to earning buy-in
  •  Philosophies for a multi-cloud strategy
  • Cloud security: Focus on what matters most