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FAQ: Become a Pluralsight author

Learn what it takes to create courses for the largest online learning library on the planet

1. What is the first step to becoming an author?

To start, we'd like to get to know you better and answer your questions. An Acquisitions Editor will schedule and facilitate the call. To move forward from there, you'll submit an audition video. It will be less than 10 minutes long and can be on any technical topic that showcases your teaching skills. We'll provide a toolkit, along with access to our library, so you can see our style of screencasts.

Don't worry, we won't ask you to sing and dance! But we do want to give you a taste of what it's like to produce a course on your end and give us a chance to assess your teaching skills in this medium.

2. How are course topics determined?

We're most interested in new courses that complement our existing library and appeal to our learners. You are the best expert on your skills, so we provide a free trial subscription for potential authors to browse our course listings and identify topics you are most keen on that fill gaps in, or contribute to, existing learning paths. There are many, many options! We'll work collaboratively with you to guide you to the right course within our library.

3. What is the time commitment?

The time it takes an author to produce content for Pluralsight varies dramatically based on previous experience and personal style. It's a significant time commitment to create the level of quality we expect in our courses. We understand this isn't your full-time job, and we want you to have a work/life balance, so we have realistic timelines. You can expect to spread your course production across 10-12 weeks.

4. What tools/software do I need to get started?

We'll give you access to our Audition Kit website, which hosts instructions and basic tools (except for editing software). Ultimately, you'll need access to a computer with minimum requirements, a microphone and somewhere quiet for recording.

5. What if I don't have a professional microphone?

No problem. Use the best microphone you can find, even if it's just an integrated one. High quality audio is important for course production, but auditions aren't held to the same standard. We offer first-time authors a limited reimbursement program for acquiring necessary equipment.

6. Does Pluralsight provide the screencasting software?

Alas, no but we do have recommendations to share with you. We're not affiliated with TechSmith, but we love their product, Camtasia. For Mac, we recommend ScreenFlow. Both Camtasia and ScreenFlow offer free 30-day trials (at the time of this FAQ).

Ultimately, you'll need software that can at least do basic screen-capture recording and video editing.

7. Who edits my video?

You do! You're the expert, and we encourage you to teach in your own style. Every Pluralsight author has an editor who offers help and guidance throughout production. Your editor's primary role is to ensure that your training video is production-worthy every step of the way.

8. How are authors compensated?

The name of the game with us is engagement. When the learner is engaged, they learn something and hopefully better their lives. The more our learners are engaged, the better our authors do via royalties.

We pay a completion payment and quarterly royalties on each course. When your course publishes, you will receive a one-time completion payment. As the learner spends time watching your course, you accumulate royalties.

9. How do subscriber view minutes work?

We have an open library where subscribers can watch any course they want, in part or in full. Each minute a subscriber spends watching a course is counted toward the total for that course.

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Dana Gagnon

is the Director of Branded Content at Pluralsight. After working for years in Chicago media, she joined the team in 2012 to continue bringing quality news, tips and more to Pluralsight's audience. Find her @ChicagoDana or on Google+.