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Interactive LIVE agenda guide

July 09, 2019

Your personalized guide to Pluralsight LIVE

Pluralsight LIVE is notoriously a jam-packed three days of learning, networking and inspiration—so it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed by choice while checking out our 2019 agenda.

To make planning your tech skills conference experience easier, select what you’re interested in from the options below and we’ll give you some recommendations for can’t-miss moments at LIVE, August 27-29. (Pro tip: Don’t forget to carve out time to see our boundary-defying mainstage lineup, which includes Ellen DeGeneres, Alex Honnold and more!)


Into all-things dev? Grab a seat in these LIVE sessions:

Everyone should be able to use your software: Inclusive, accessible products for balanced teams - Raquel Breternitz, Pivotal Labs

This session will de-mystify digital accessibility in three parts. First, you’ll learn the history of why so many things are inaccessible, and why inclusive design is one of the simplest paths to innovation, usability, and good business. You’ll learn what it looks like to need different forms of access, and why you should care. You’ll leave armed with simple ways to take action immediately, both individually and as a team of developers, designers, and product folks. 


The ops in DevOps: A monitoring, logging, and alerting strategy for the cloudBrian Harrison, Chief Architect, IPT Associates

Discover how you can put together the best strategy for your applications and services deployed within the cloud. 


Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Docker - Jonathan Turner, Pluralsight

In this session, you’ll learn what Docker is, the difference between images and containers, a few quick ways to use Docker in a dev environment, and how to create your own images—so you can push past the “getting started” hump with Docker. 


With experts from over 30 industries under one roof and new sessions being added regularly, there really is something for every member of your tech org at Pluralsight LIVE.


Wild about AI, ML and data? Grab a seat in these LIVE sessions

Breaking bias in AIKesha Williams, Software Engineering Manager, Chick-fil-A

Machines start out bias-free, but can quickly learn and even amplify bad human behavior. Learn how to mitigate bias by understanding how it is introduced—then being intentional about its removal, introducing transparency in how predictions are made and exposing how good an algorithm is at making predictions. 

If you can’t make it to Kesha’s session, be sure to drop by her workshop: Future-Proof Your Career: A Pathway to Machine Learning. 


The UX of dataLex Roman, The Black Tux

Data is often not accessible unless you can write code. Less technical people rely on data everyday to make decisions, develop ideas or measure success. When tools and systems are not created with them in mind, they lose trust and understanding. They lose their bearings and end up relying on other methods to make decisions. It doesn't have to be this way. We can create empathetic, intuitive systems for sharing information. With a bit of human-centric thinking, teams can build shared understanding of why, what and how to measure their work. When everyone on the team is empowered to understand data, they can make more informed decisions and to be able to measure their own success. In this talk, I lay out a case for investing in data literacy in your organization and cover key tactics to include in your data strategy. Learn how to help level up your team and ensure sound data decisions with concrete examples and practices you can take back to your team.


How bots and AI are transforming healthcare in the U.S.June Cho, Microsoft

Right now, people are trying to understand and utilize AI in their organizations. We have experienced little glimpses of what AI has done to change our lives. But what if we can use AI to extend our lives? June's role at Microsoft has allowed him to engage first-hand with HLS organizations all across the US. In this session, June will share how Microsoft is using AI and Bots to not only change our lives, but more importantly, extend our lives longer and better than ever before.


With experts from over 30 industries under one roof and new sessions being added regularly, there really is something for every member of your tech org at Pluralsight LIVE.

Leading innovative teams to success? Grab a seat in these LIVE sessions:

Welcoming women to work: Strategies for breaking the bro codeBreeanne Matheson, Utah Valley University

This presentation will offer insight into the ways that common practices in the technology sector can make it difficult for women to be hired and retain their employment in jobs where they might otherwise have made valuable contributions. It will also offer data-backed strategies for hiring and retaining gender marginalized employees. Workshop participants can expect to leave armed with actionable strategies for use in the hiring process, team building and management, and review and promotion of these employees.


Turning great individuals into a great teamLiam McLennan, Readify

This presentation will explain how to transform a group of smart, talented individuals into a high-performance team. You’ll learn how to create a technology strategy, then map that strategy to execution in order to release successful products. Liam will also discuss how to work with your CEO or stakeholders to define a product strategy and prioritize initiatives, and how to manage a product delivery team to focus on creating value over being busy.


Leaders leading leaders in today’s modern digital industryTristan Roque, Rakuten

This breakout will focus on helping organization leaders design an effective management development program focused on middle management to support rapid organizational growth and succession plan. Discussion will cover how learning managers can leverage and mobilize the senior management to lead and coach the “next-in-lines” instead of focusing their energy to support the middle management. We will also cover the crucial role senior management and middle management play in supporting employee's learning, using Pluralsight for instance.


With experts from over 30 industries under one roof and new sessions being added regularly, there really is something for every member of your tech org at Pluralsight LIVE.

Wanna boost your security savvy? Grab a seat in these LIVE sessions:

Ethical hacking: New and improved DIY mobile security workstation for cheapDale Meredith, Pluralsight

In this session, Dale will show you how easy it is to build a BatPi security workstation that will amaze you with its power and options. He’ll show you some new accessories to help you expand the BatPi’s abilities and how to hide these types of devices while in a Pentest engagement. 


Understanding modern application securityRoland Guijt, Pluralsight

The architecture of applications has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. When we speak about "an application", it’s likely a collection of individual applications that form the complete functionality. Securing such an application landscape while giving all the individual applications the context of the logged in user might seem daunting. Learn how to secure modern applications the right way in this step-by-step explanation of OpenIdConnect, the industry security standard. 


At the edge: The IoT security imperativeDavid Gotrik, AgilePQ

This talk will cover the emergence of the billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the security failings thus far and the challenges of long-term, sustainable solutions for keeping the internet— and you—secure against the crypto-breaking capabilities of quantum computers.


With experts from over 30 industries under one roof and new sessions being added regularly, there really is something for every member of your tech org at Pluralsight LIVE.