Meet 'n' greet our authors at Microsoft Ignite

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Microsoft Ignite is right around the corner. Get prepped for everything in store now. We know you have a packed schedule and it's tough balancing all the great keynotes and sessions, but we have an exciting lineup for you to check out so be sure to set aside some time! A few of our authors and experts will be at our booth (#350) for meet 'n' greets. Bring your questions and get ready for some great conversations. Here's a look at who you'll find hanging with us Monday - Thursday.

GregShieldsMon 5/41:05-1:25pm
JefferyFritzMon 5/412 - 1pm
DonJonesMon 5/44-5pm
JasonHelmickMon 5/44-5pm
JeffHicksTue 5/511-12pm
TimWarnerTue 5/511-12pm
MatthewMcDermottTue 5/52-3pm
DuxRaymond SyTue 5/52-3pm
JeffreySnoverTue 5/53-4pm
GregShieldsTue 5/54-5pm
JohanArwidmarkTue 5/54-5pm
JulieLermanWed 5/610-11am
BillKultermanWed 5/611-12pm
RobWindsorWed 5/61-2pm
AlanAckmannWed 5/63-4pm
MichaelBenderWed 5/64-5pm
DarrenMar-EliaThu 5/710-11am
JulieYackThu 5/72-3pm

Chicago is a great city to check out in your downtime. Be sure to catch a glimpse at our guide when you're out and about.

See you in the Windy City!

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