Success story: How Pluralsight helped Kyle launch his creative business

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"How do you put a price on achieving your goals? It's priceless."

Kyle Jones was working a corporate customer service job and felt less than satisfied with his current career. As an artist, he quickly realized he didn't want to continue down a corporate path -- he wanted to do something creative, something closer to who he is.

Learning on his own time, at his own pace with Pluralsight, Kyle gained the tools needed to express himself creatively and start his own creative business, Pixel Wave.

Watch Kyle share how Pluralsight changed his life:

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Callie Johnson

is a Branded Content Specialist at Pluralsight. With bachelors' degrees in both Journalism and Web Design/Development, she has a wide spectrum of interests, including enforcing the proper use of ‘you’re.’ She loves hanging with her husband and their super weird, yet unbearably cute dogs, Kingsley, Thor and Rumble. Find her on Twitter @calliemarie87