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Introducing Pluralsight Flow: Your key to data-driven engineering leadership

August 28, 2019

Engineering leadership has been in the dark. The data necessary to understand team progress has been buried in disparate code repositories, ticketing systems and pull requests, making it difficult to consume and draw insights in an efficient or meaningful way. 

Engineering has outputs that are observable of course, like ‘what was shipped’ and how customers interact with those changes. But when the outputs aren’t as expected, it’s nearly impossible to get visibility into the “black box” and see what’s getting in the team’s way. 

When engineering leaders lack visibility into what’s happening in their organization, they have to rely on charisma and persuasion when advocating for their teams. And when no one can pinpoint what’s slowing the team down—the poorly timed meetings, disjointed processes, untracked waiting states—these “invisible issues” are left to fester.

It’s time to solve these problems and bring team workflow data out of the darkness once and for all. That’s why we're excited to announce that GitPrime is joining the Pluralsight product ecosystem as Pluralsight Flow.  

A better way to lead engineering teams

Flow gives engineering teams access to the same level of metrics and concrete data other departments in the organization have relied on for years. It analyzes data from git repositories, code reviews and issue trackers, and packages them in easy to understand reports. With the ability to visualize work patterns engineering leaders can debug their development process with data to help their teams have a more efficient workflow.

Leaders from various levels across the organization can now better manage and enable their teams with the nuance provided by engineering-specific metrics. Consider a one-on-one conversation or retrospective enriched with actionable data and insight into work progress across the entire team. Or how much more powerful it would be to report progress up to senior leadership if you could visualize how business decisions are influencing the organization’s effectiveness.

Armed with this data, leaders can create stronger engineering teams. Decisions become smarter, work becomes smoother and results come much faster.

Skills + Flow

Flow’s analytics can tell you when roadblocks arise or where process has broken down, but that alone isn't enough to create a competitive edge. Technology skills development is a key piece of the equation. It’s the way you organize and empower your teams to keep up with the pace of change and deliver innovations faster. 

Together with Pluralsight Skills (Pluralsight’s core product), we can now address a much bigger piece of a technology leader’s role. With Skills, you can upskill your teams in the trends and technologies you need to meet strategic objectives and succeed in the digital age. With Flow, you can leverage workflow data to better manage and enable your teams. 

Skills and Flow provide you with the most comprehensive way to evaluate and improve the health and capacity of your teams no matter their size, challenges or tech stack. With the right data and a strong skill development strategy, you and your team will have a clear path to velocity and quality code. And this will distinguish the transformational leaders from the rest.