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Key Criteria for Evaluating DevSecOps Tools

May 02, 2022

It's all too commonplace for organizations to allow software updates or new software launches to outweigh the urgency of security. Maybe that security oversight is a result of tight turnaround dates, lack of security skills or misplaced priorities, but regardless of the reason, such oversight can be costly.

It's an absolute necessity for security to be top-of-mind when writing and deploying software. In an ideal world, developers would also have the responsibilities of security engineers and build the appropriate risk-mitigation features into their software applications. 

In the GigaOm report "Key Criteria for Evaluating DevSecOps Tools," you'll gain a better understanding of:

  • Trends that decision makers should look for when adopting that shift-left mindset to increase app security while reducing cost and risk
  • How to evaluate vendors' capabilities to provide security-related insights, automation and compliance closer to the developer
  • Ways to reduce risk while writing code, storing code and deploying it across process and pipeline
  • And much more

Check out the report and start enabling your teams to develop and deliver software both quickly and securely.