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How to tackle the RSA Conference: Deciding what to attend

By Pluralsight Content Team    |    March 30, 2023

To paraphrase the Lion King, at the RSA Conference “there's more to see than can ever be seen, and more to do than can ever be done.” Even if you were to spend five minutes with each of the 620+ exhibitors, that would take you more than 51 hours (and that’s assuming you don’t want to attend any keynotes and sessions, which you definitely do). 

Considering the expo only goes for 21 hours, the math just doesn’t add up. The exhibitors are also spread out across the Moscone North and South expo hall. In short, a plan of attack is important! That's why we've written a guide on how to do just that.

For more general information on what to expect at RSA Conference 2023, including when and where it will be held, registration fees, accomodation, and other details, check out our article: "RSA Conference 2023: Your Ultimate Survival Guide."

1. Search for your must-see exhibitors on RSAC marketplace (and look at the floor plans)

You can check out a list of exhibitors and their details at the RSAC Marketplace and filter by things like name, product (e.g. Cloud Security, IAM, or Threat Intelligence), subtype, or search by keyword. You can also find links to the current floor plans on the same page.

Armed with this information, make a wish list of the exhibitors you most want to see with the booth number and expo location, and carry it around (Perhaps on a checklist on your phone). This will literally help you filter things down a bit.

Oh, and shameless plug, make sure to come see us at the Pluralsight booth. We’re located at Moscone South Expo, Booth 4202, and you can view where we are on this map. We hope we make your list!

2. Look at the official Agenda-at-a-Glance

RSA have put together a neat high-level visual agenda that you can check out, as well as a more complete agenda with all the details. Both of these should help with your preparation efforts.

3. Decide which RSAC parties, networking events you’re going to attend

Parties are a great way to network and build exposure in the industry (So long as you don’t drink too much, and wind up with the wrong sort of rep!). Here’s a good list of RSA 2023 parties you can check out.

Some other networking events worth checking out:

For a full list of all the official RSA networking opportunities and interactive programs, click here.

4. Keep an eye on the Twitter and LinkedIn feeds

If you’ve got a Twitter or LinkedIn account, check out the #rsac and #rsac2023 hashtags to see what vendors people are talking about, and who’s got the best swag. After all, if a vendor’s giving away an awesome Lego set or cool jacket, you don’t want to miss out!

5. Check the list of RSAC keynotes

The list of keynote speakers for RSAC 2023 is here. While we suggest you check it out and figure out what best resonates with you. Whatever you choose, make sure to arrive early!

If you've got a Full Conference pass, don't worry! Even if you miss a keynote, you can watch the recording approximately four hours after the event. 

6. Drop in on the Early Stage Expo

The RSAC Early Stage Expo is an innovation space for promoting up-and-comers in the industry, before they become big names! Also, if you’re a fan of brews, it’s also going to open with a CyBEER Ops Networking reception on Tuesday, April 25th (Note: You’ll need a Full Conference Pass or Expo Plus Pass to attend). There’s both local California brews and non-alcoholic beverages available.

The Early Stage Expo opens on Wednesday, April 26th, so why not drop in and check out these 50 promising newcomers to cybersec?

7. Decide on any training sessions you want to attend

This year, there are several training sessions you can sign up for at RSAC. You can check out the full list here and also reserve a seat. Also — second shameless plug, I know — if you come out and want to learn more (or miss attending a session) you can always check out Pluralsight’s on-demand cyber security courses, learning paths, and hands-on training.

8. Look at the program list

RSAC has a number of programs and events worth checking out. Some require specific passes to attend, or are restricted to first-time attendees, full conference pass holders, or college students. Some of these include:

Innovation Sandbox

Requirements: Full Conference Pass, Expo Plus Pass

This is where cybersecurity's boldest new innovators compete to put the spotlight on their potentially game-changing ideas. Ten finalists have three-minutes to make their pitch to a panel of judges.

Launch Pad

Requirements: Full Conference Pass, Expo Plus Pass

RSAC Launch Pad returns as three early-stage startups pitch their bold ideas Shark Tank®-style to industry veterans for strategy advice and community awareness.


Requirements: Full Conference Pass, Expo Plus Pass

RSAC Sandbox hosts eight villages for hands-on experiences, CyBrew Café, cutting edge research talks and a lounge to recharge. Come join old friends, make new ones or just hang out.

Inclusive Security

Requirements: Full Conference Pass, Expo Plus Pass, Expo Pass

A celebration of the diversity of the cybersecurity industry and discussion on how we can identify, train, and retain the future workforce. Sessions focus on how to change existing cultures and hiring practices to be more inclusive of under-represented members of the community.

For a full list of all the programs available at RSA Conference 2023, click here.

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