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Gartner® names Pluralsight Flow as a Representative Vendor for value stream tool for software engineering leaders

March 10, 2022

Pluralsight Flow is, at its core, a tool to make your developers’ lives easier. Having clean dashboards of your DevOps data enables you to remove roadblocks before they happen, identify and solve for bottlenecks and provide both downward and upward visibility into your product roadmap.

We’re proud of the capabilities of Flow and are honored to be mentioned in a recent Gartner report on value stream metrics. Having data is important, but without it being consistent, trackable and easily comparable, managers can’t pinpoint where issues are arising. This lack of visibility can cause business leaders to question progress reporting, and that inevitably undermines trust.

Tools like Flow encourage a culture of continuous improvement. 

According to Gartner, Applications and software engineering leaders trying to improve software development processes should: 

“Create a culture of continuous improvement by setting the expectation that everyone must examine their processes and metrics to identify areas for improvement.”

Developer experience platforms help identify mentoring opportunities, more productive one-on-ones and stand-ups and make business analytics dashboards more sustainable and accurate. Ultimately, these tools drive increased trust through improved transparency, more in-depth connections between leaders and employees and higher talent retention.

As the report notes, the benefits of workflow analytics accrue at many levels of the organization:

  • “Technical team visibility of the end-to-end processes to identify areas for improvement

  • Product manager visibility on progress implementing the product roadmap

  • Business stakeholder visibility of overall product/service delivery status”