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Top 7 Programming Language Certifications for Web Developers

Explore the top seven programmer certifications and learn more about how Pluralsight can help you earn them!

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Updated on October 18, 2022

Top Programming Certifications for Web Development

Thanks to new technologies and programming languages, web developers can put up just about any service on the Web, and as such, would have to know more about client side programming, server side programming and would even need to be  proficient in databases.

That's why we made this guide to cover the top seven programming language certifications you can earn today!

Top 7 Programmer Certifications

If you are looking for a way to break into Web development, or just looking to have a demonstrable skill set, you might want to learn and get certified in these seven hot Web development areas:

  1. Javascript
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. AWS Certified Developer Associate
  5. Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer
  6. Node-js
  7. Objective-C


The CIW Web Development Series has three specialized exams that you would have to pass in order to get the Web Development Professional title: Perl, Database Design and Javascript.  The Javascript Specialist exam will verify your skills in using JavaScript for client side solutions that are platform independent.  Questions touch on form validation, frame targeting and image animation, among other advanced Javascript topics.

Another option is the JavaScript Developer Certificate that W3Schools is offering.  For this certification, you need to have knowledge in both JavaScript and HTML DOM.  The 70-question exam lasts for 70 minutes.  You would need to get 75% of the questions correct to get the certificate.


Python certification exams are becoming increasingly available nowadays, and there are several levels of Python certification that one can attain, from entry-level Python programmer (PCEP), to Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP), to two levels of Certified Professional in Python Programming (PCPP). Learning Python and getting a Python certificate can open incredible opportunities.

Each level of exam varies in length and time, but for example, the entry-level exam is 30 questions, including single- and multiple-select questions, drag and drop, gap fill, sort, code fill, and code insertion. The passing rate is 70%.


Oracle, the home of Java, offers several certifications, including Java EE and Web Services, and three certificates in Java SE. Oracles certification exams run from $245 and up. Exams vary in length, time, and difficulty. Oracle has one registration portal for all exams. 

For those with advanced skills in Java, you might be interested in the Java SE 8 Programmer II exam.  You would need to be a Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer take this test. It has 68 questions and requires a 65% to pass.

AWS Certified Developer Associate

These days, everyone is moving to the cloud! And with good reason – the cloud has a huge range of benefits for web developers, from security to site speed to a broad network of support. Amazon offers certificates for a wide range of AWS skills, including for developers with its AWS Certified Developer Certification. The exam is 65 questions and cost $150 USD.

Both Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru offer prep courses for AWS’ certification.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Knowing how to develop on Google’s cloud platform is a huge boost to programmers these days. Much like AWS, Google also offers a range of certifications in its cloud services. As a developer, you probably want to start with the Professional Cloud Developer certification. The exam is proctored, and you can take it either on or offline. 

Google’s exam costs $200 and takes around 2 hours. Pluralsight's A Cloud Guru offers a comprehensive course to prepare you for the Google Cloud Developer exam. Click on the link below to get started. 


Node-js, a JavaScript framework for server-side web development, has become one of the most widely used JS frameworks to date. If you’re an advanced Node-js expert on Linux, you might consider the OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) Certification offered by the Linux foundation. This two hour exam focuses on your knowledge of servers and security. The cost is $395. 


Objective-C is the C programming language used to write software for OS X and iOS. In a nice divergence from many of the pricey tests listed here, Brain Measures offers an Objective-C certification program that costs only $10.  The test covers 40 multiple-choice questions that each have two to five options.

Expert Rating also provides a similar examination.

Looking for more certifications? Check out this list to Top 11 Certifications for Software Developers

Web developers need to undergo these certifications to help them get hired.  Having the skills is simply not enough. Certifications help you prove your ability so that a potential employer would be able to discern how talented you are even before you show them your portfolio.

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