Video: Automate Your Sandbagging with PowerShell

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No, we don't mean inflating your estimates.  Sandbagging is the process of defining a series of DIV elements to force text to wrap around non-rectangular objects on a web page.  In this video excerpt from Jim Christopher's new course Everyday PowerShell for Developers you'll see how to create a PowerShell script to create the DIV elements required to create the affect you're looking for.  In the full course Jim covers using .NET from PowerShell, working with Mercurial, and automating Visual Studio with StudioShell.


Jim Christopher has over 17 years of professional experience developing software in the aerospace, education, and gaming industries. Since 2010 he has run Code Owls LLC, a company in Charlotte NC focused on IT tooling and automation technologies and publishers of SeeShell, a PowerShell module for data visualization. Jim is also responsible for the open-source project StudioShell, bringing the joy of PowerShell to the Visual Studio automation environment. In addition, he has published many open source projects making various technologies available to PowerShell – including SQLite, OData, Redis, MongoDB, and RabbitMQ . Jim is a two-time PowerShell MVP and avid speaker.

You can watch the full HD version of this video along with the other 3 hr 3 min of video found in this professional course by subscribing to Pluralsight. Visit Everyday PowerShell for Developers to view the full course outline. Pluralsight subscribers also benefit from cool features like mobile appsfull library searchprogress trackingexercise files,assessments, and offline viewing. Happy learning!

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Paul Ballard

Paul Ballard is a Chief Architect specializing in large scale distributed system development and enterprise software processes. Paul has more than twenty years of development experience including being a former Microsoft MVP, a speaker at technical conferences such as Microsoft Tech-Ed and VSLive, and a published author. Prior to working on the Windows platform, he built software using a vast array of technologies including Java, Unix, C, and even OS/2.