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Webinar recap: Redefining productivity in tech

May 27, 2022

Recently, Dr. Tracy Brower joined a Pluralsight webinar where we examined what productivity has traditionally looked like in the tech industry and why—and how—we should be reevaluating it. The conversation created a space to explore the myriad ways developers can be productive beyond how many lines of code they’re writing. In today’s world of talent mobility, transitioning into new roles, remote work and shifting organizational goals, productivity can look vastly different from day to day. 

Some days, productive time might be those hours your developers are communicating on pull requests, mentoring junior developers or upskilling to learn a new tool. It’s no secret that the Great Resignation continues to drive talent mobility and a need for increased engineering onboarding, which forces us to take a different approach to setting organizational goals, OKRs and understanding success. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to establish what success looks like for your leaders and employees.




If you liked what Dr. Brower had to say on this subject, check out her episode of Pluralsight’s Perspectives in Leadership podcast where she discusses how to avoid burnout and improve overall team health.