Which Integrated Development Environment is Best?

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While Visual Studio is often considered to be the exclusive domain of the .NET or C++ developer, it actually has a long history of supporting other languages and environments.  In addition to supporting Java development through Java extensions, nVidia recently announced Nsight Tegra, a Visual Studio based development environment for the Android OS.  But of course there are thousands of other developers that use Eclipse for Android as well as those that use XCode for iOS development.  So this begs the question, which integrated development environment is best?  Let us know why in the comments section!

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Paul Ballard

Paul Ballard is a Chief Architect specializing in large scale distributed system development and enterprise software processes. Paul has more than twenty years of development experience including being a former Microsoft MVP, a speaker at technical conferences such as Microsoft Tech-Ed and VSLive, and a published author. Prior to working on the Windows platform, he built software using a vast array of technologies including Java, Unix, C, and even OS/2.