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Amazon S3 Deep Dive

In this S3 Deep Dive course, students will master Amazon S3 from foundational concepts to advanced features, including access control, data protection, lifecycle management, performance optimization, logging, event notifications, and static web hosting, equipping them with the skills to efficiently store, manage, and secure data at scale.

Broadus Palmer - Pluralsight course - Amazon S3 Deep Dive
by Broadus Palmer

What you'll learn

In the S3 Deep Dive course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of Amazon S3, a scalable storage solution in AWS. Starting with **S3 Essentials**, they'll learn the fundamental concepts and architecture of S3, including how to create and configure buckets and objects. The **Access Control** module will teach you how to manage and secure access to S3 resources using bucket policies, ACLs, and IAM policies, ensuring that data is accessible only to authorized users. In **Data Protection**, they'll explore strategies for safeguarding data, covering versioning, encryption in transit and at rest, and other mechanisms to protect data integrity and privacy. **Lifecycle Management** will introduce the tools and techniques for automating the transition of objects to different storage classes and managing object expiration, helping you optimize costs and comply with data retention policies. The course will delve into **Amazon S3 Performance**, teaching best practices for maximizing throughput, minimizing latency, and effectively scaling storage solutions to meet demand. Through **Logging and Monitoring**, you will learn how to track and analyze access and usage patterns using S3 access logs, AWS CloudTrail, and monitoring tools, enabling efficient auditing and operational management. In **Amazon S3 Event Notifications**, the course will cover how to automate workflows by triggering actions in response to specific changes in S3 objects, integrating S3 with other AWS services for advanced data processing and analysis. Finally, the **Using Amazon S3 for Static Web Hosting** module will guide you through hosting scalable, high-performance static websites directly from S3, including configuring buckets for web hosting, managing custom domain names, and ensuring website security. By the end of this deep dive course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to effectively use Amazon S3 for a wide range of applications, from basic storage solutions to complex, event-driven architectures, ensuring they are well-equipped to leverage S3’s full potential in real-world scenarios.

Table of contents

About the author

Broadus Palmer - Pluralsight course - Amazon S3 Deep Dive
Broadus Palmer

Broadus Palmer is a seasoned GCP Training Architect with vast expertise in AWS Cloud Development and Google Cloud. he has contributed to numerous successful projects, acquiring a diverse set of tools and technologies along his journey. He has honed a particular expertise in aiding individuals and businesses in their transition to cloud-based solutions, making the most of his comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies. Broadus is profoundly passionate about both learning and teaching new tools and technologies within the cloud ecosystem. His approach to training is focused on developing engaging and easy-to-understand projects that facilitate effective learning.

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