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AWS Certification Preparation Guide

The must-have course for anyone serious about passing the AWS certification exams

A Cloud Guru - Pluralsight course - AWS Certification Preparation Guide
by A Cloud Guru

What you'll learn

**At A Cloud Guru, the #1 question we receive from students is "I want to pass the AWS cert exam, so where do I start?" This course is your answer.** After students start training, many are left with the uncertainty of *"How do I know I'm ready to take the exam?"* After viewing this quick but comprehensive guide to rocking the AWS Certification exams, you will feel confident knowing when to step into the exam room. The initial pass rate for the AWS exams is staggeringly low, due in part to people approaching the AWS exams similarly to other exams in the IT industry. AWS is smart. They purposefully crafted their exams, so that you had to demonstrate real-world proficiency in Amazon Web Services to pass. Many people are shocked when they don't succeed. Save yourself time, and start studying the right way to learn AWS or pass your AWS certification. This AWS Certification Prep Guide will provide you with the tips and tools you need to succeed. This AWS Certification Prep Guide has been in production, and continually updated, since 2016. The content has been meticulously refined for those that want to successfully learn AWS, or achieve an AWS Certification, and don't want to waste time doing it. We've combined hundreds or maybe thousands of student testimonials, insights from AWS experts, and countless hours of our own studying to create the must-have guide to AWS Certification Prep. **This course helps you prepare for all AWS certifications -- including associate, professional and specialties. These tips, tricks and strategies apply to all certification exams.** The course is taught by Mattias Andersson--who passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam on his first try... with a score of 100%. He has since gone on to pass the rest of the Associate and Professional AWS Certification Exams -- all with scores above 90%. He has defined his optimal exam study strategy and is ready to share it in hopes of helping others succeed. After completing the AWS Certification Prep Course, you will know: - What it takes to get an AWS certification - How to prepare for an AWS certification - How you can become an AWS expert - What materials you need to review - Tips for the days leading up to and during your AWS exam - Techniques for solving the most difficult AWS exam questions **BONUS MATERIALS:** We wanted to provide a clear and succinct guide to prep for an AWS certification exam, but knew this may not be enough for everyone. This is why we've included over 40 minutes of bonus techniques for learning way more effectively. Instead of making this a separate course, we wanted to provide it to you for free with this guide. It's important to us that you have everything you need to succeed with AWS certifications. Congratulations, on taking the first step to crushing the AWS exams. Good luck!

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About the author

A Cloud Guru - Pluralsight course - AWS Certification Preparation Guide
A Cloud Guru

The Cloud Content team comprises subject matter experts hyper focused on services offered by the leading cloud vendors (AWS, GCP, and Azure), as well as cloud-related technologies such as Linux and DevOps. The team is thrilled to share their knowledge to help you build modern tech solutions from the ground up, secure and optimize your environments, and so much more!

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