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Google Cloud AI Services Deep Dive

Explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning on Google Cloud Platform with this course.

Joseph Lowery - Pluralsight course - Google Cloud AI Services Deep Dive
by Joseph Lowery

What you'll learn

Welcome to the Google Cloud AI Services Deep Dive course. I'm Joe Lowery, and I'll be your guide through this amazing collection of technology that will, without a doubt, leave you wide-eyed in wonder at the possibilities of what you can accomplish at this very moment. Artificial intelligence in general and machine learning in particular have increased the reach and capabilities of technology exponentially, completely altering our world at an amazing pace. In this course, we'll explore a large number of the Google Cloud services — 15 in all — that are available for you to incorporate into your own applications and organizations. First off, we'll provide some context for the overall course and describe the differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Then, we'll look at one of the key components of the Google Cloud AI services we'll be examining, AutoML, as we detail its unique features. Then, we'll dive into specific target categories with a look at the AI Sight services, including those that can detect objects or text in still images or even video. From imagery, we move to AI services for written language with tools that can extract the structure and meaning of text — including sentiment — and ones that can translate from one language to another, in over 100 different varieties. The AI Conversation services provide the power to move from one form of communication — speech — to another — text — and back again. In addition, you'll see how Google has brought many of their tools together to create a service that can build conversational interfaces to interact with your users through almost any medium. In our final section, we'll explore AI services dedicated to another, omnipresent method of communication: data. Within the AI Structured Data group, you'll find a tool for analyzing and making predictions with tabular data, one for recommending products based on user events, and another that can create machine learning models with standard SQL queries. Obviously, there's a tremendous amount of power and complexity involved in Google Cloud's AI services. Understanding their potential will increase your own for developing the applications, systems, and organizations of the future.

Table of contents

About the author

Joseph Lowery - Pluralsight course - Google Cloud AI Services Deep Dive
Joseph Lowery

Oddly enough, theater - or more exactly, performance art. After coming to NY to pursue a career as a theater director, I started doing solo work to better understand acting. At the time, I belonged to a group that had received an NEA grant and I used my money to buy a personal computer that I then performed with, on stage. That led me down the rabbit hole of technology and before I knew it, I was writing books on web design - which was quickly followed by building on-line courses as a part-time, and later, full-time content author for ACG and Pluralsight.

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