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Introduction to VMware CloudHealth

This course introduces VMware CloudHealth as a solution for optimizing management and governance in a multi-cloud environment.

Craig Arcuri - Pluralsight course - Introduction to VMware CloudHealth
by Craig Arcuri

What you'll learn

As organizations diversify into the public cloud, the management of their cloud resources becomes exponentially more complicated in a multi-cloud environment. It becomes difficult to manage the who, what, and where of resources being launched in the cloud environment. Visibility into costs incurred and hidden costs from shadow IT become a problem. So the need has arisen for a unifying platform with one dashboard to manage resources across different cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This need has been met by VMware CloudHealth. In this course 'Introduction to VMware CloudHealth', we will show how CloudHealth can be used to optimize our multi-cloud environment. CloudHealth can be used to not only view costs across our multi-cloud environment, but also help us manage and reduce costs. Additionally, CloudHealth can help us with Governance of our resources and provide visibility into our security posture across our multi-cloud environment. In this course, we will start off with an overview section and answer the question What is CloudHealth and from there detail the benefits of CloudHealth. We will wrap up the overview section by adding accounts (AWS, Azure, and GCP) to our CloudHealth environment. We will learn how CloudHealth gets all of this data by linking CloudHealth to a Cost and Usage Report in AWS. In the next section, Managing and Reporint Costs, we look at budgeting and forecasting and also cost reporting. These three elements tie closely together and the accuracy of the data we feed to these elements is crucial. In the next section, we discuss governance of our multi-cloud environment. Lessons include 'Managing Cloud Assets and Configurtion', and 'Using Policies and Actions to Enforce Governance', and policies coupled with actions can enable automation. In the final sction, 'Securing Cloud Infrastructure', we look at using policies to enhance our security posture, and using CloudHealth reports for security.

Table of contents

About the author

Craig Arcuri - Pluralsight course - Introduction to VMware CloudHealth
Craig Arcuri

Craig has over 20 years of experience in IT in areas ranging from Systems and Network Engineering, Software Development, Technical Project Management, and Amazon Web Services. He has been creating content in Amazon Web Services for over 5 years. Areas of expertise include AWS Certified DevOps Professional, CloudFormation, and the AWS Developer Tools Suite. Craig holds 6 AWS Certifications as well as a Project Management Professional certification.

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