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Configuring and Using screen Advanced Settings

The `screen` command has a lot of depth. It's a great productivity enhancement utility for the busy systems operator, developer, DevOps engineer, and — really — anyone who has ever had to access a remote system via SSH and efficiently get more than a single task done! Even in its default mode, though, there is a lot you can do to tune up its functionality, make using multiple sessions and windows easier, easily create and use regions, and use layouts to make using multiple different sets of regions much more pleasant! In this lab, you'll learn how to set up your own customized `.screenrc` file from scratch, change important defaults to make life better, configure multiple startup windows, arrange them with regions, and then make it easy to get into a particular productive workspace with layouts.

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Clock icon Intermediate
Clock icon 45m
Clock icon Aug 07, 2020

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Use SSH/SCP to Copy Files from Other Systems

    Use the SSH utility scp to initially copy a file from another system via a completely detached screen session.

  2. Challenge

    Use the `stuff` Command to Automate SSH

    Automate the copy of a file via scp for the future using the -X option to send the required keystrokes to the utility so it can be fully hands off.

  3. Challenge

    Configure Windows to Start Automatically

    Set up a number of windows/commands to be running when screen is invoked, including assigning specific titles and window numbers.

  4. Challenge

    Set Up Basic and Advanced Layouts

    Define and implement regions that will contain windows/commands in a basic one-window layout, as well as a more complex four-window layout designed to make it easy to monitor system health data while still allowing the execution of commands as necessary.

  5. Challenge

    Switch Easily between Layouts

    Define key combinations that will make it easy to switch instantly between layouts of regions and windows, moving from a four-window system health monitoring layout to a full-screen Bash shell one-window layout for the execution of commands and full output.

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