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Implementing Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon EventBridge

Globomantics is a global healthcare organization who have recently moved their key systems to AWS. Recently, they have become concerned about how difficult it is to manually keep track of security threats and best practices. You have been tasked to implement a solution that will: • Automatically monitor for security threats targeted against their AWS accounts and deployed resources • Provide notification when security threats are seen Having considered several options, you have decided to recommend that Globomantics implement Amazon GuardDuty. In this lab, you will: 1. Create an SNS topic with an email subscriber. 2. Enable Amazon GuardDuty. 3. Create an Amazon EventBridge rule with the SNS topic as the target.

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Clock icon Sep 22, 2023

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Create an SNS Topic

    Creaet a standard SNS topic with an adjusted access policy that will allow the correct services to send messages to and receive messages from the SNS topic.

  2. Challenge

    Create an Email Subscriber

    Using your email address, create an email subscriber for your newly created SNS topic.

  3. Challenge

    Create an Amazon EventBridge Rule

    Create an Amazon EventBridge rule that has a pattern that matches a GuardDuty findings and a SNS topic as a target.

  4. Challenge

    Enable Amazon GuardDuty

    Enable Amazon GuardDuty to monitor for threats.

  5. Challenge

    Generate Sample Findings

    Use the Amazon GuardDuty console to generate sample findings that you can use as a learning tool and to trigger your newly created EventBridge rule.

  6. Challenge

    View the Automated Email

    Access your inbox to view and review the correctly formated email sent from the AWS notification services.

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