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Using a Service Mesh in Kubernetes

Service meshes can automate the process of providing additional security, reliability, and functionality around your containers. In this lab, you will be able to see how a service mesh works up close by exploring how the service mesh interacts with a simple application.

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Clock icon 30m
Clock icon May 19, 2022

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Explore the Linkerd Dashboard

    Open the Linkerd dashboard in a browser.

    Access the dashboard at http://<k8s Server Public IP>:30080.

    Feel free to explore! See if you can locate any information relating to the Terrapin application's components. (Hint: The application lives in the default Namespace.)

  2. Challenge

    Mesh the Application with Linkerd

    The application's components are located in the default Namespace. You can mesh the application with Linkerd like so:

    kubectl get -n default deploy -o yaml | 
      linkerd inject - | 
      kubectl apply -f -

    Once the application is meshed, watch the dashboard to see additional data about the application become available.

  3. Challenge

    Explore the Changes to Application Components Made by Linkerd

    Use kubectl to locate the application's Pods in the default Namespace. Use kubectl describe pod <Pod name> to view more detailed information about one of the Pods. See if you can spot information about the Linkerd sidecar container when examining the Pod!

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